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Q: Can anyone give their friend code for animal crossing City Folk Here is mine Friend code0948-7513-6789 Town tooele Name Pennie add me please?
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What is chuggaaconroy's Animal Crossing City Folk friend code?

There is no way to learn Chuggaaconroy's Animal Crossing City Folk friend code.

Does it matter which animal crossing you use to get your friend's friend code?

Yes it does!

What is your friend code on Animal Crossing?

well i dont have animal crossing but i have animal crossing wild world and it's 0560930684688 my town is cagaimia and name is Katlyn

How do you get a mahicon on animal crossing?

Well you have to buy it or get it of a friend.

How do you make a friend code on Animal Crossing?

does it matter

Is it free to get a friend code on animal crossing?


How do I get my friend code on Animal Crossing?

Talk to Copper and ask to get a friend code.

How do you get your friend code in Animal Crossing?

Talk to copper then say friend code

What sites can you share Animal Crossing friend codes on?

Their are plenty of them. You can find a list of animal crossing friend codes sites here.

Can a friend give you a crown in Animal Crossing?

nope sorry

Can a friend on Animal Crossing come back after moving out?


A friend on Animal Crossing?

well come to my house and you can be my freind

How do you use friend codes on animal crossing?

You type it in the friend rooster tab at the bottom.

Who do you get a friend code on Animal Crossing?

You dont need to buy it!?!?!?!Just ask people who have animal crossing to give you their friencode THats it

How do you meet don on Animal Crossing?

just like you meet every one on animal crossing. if its on the wii then you need to exchange friend codes

Want to trade friend codes for Animal Crossing cf?


How do you unlock friend code on animal crossing wild world?

You have to have wi-fi to get friend codes.

How do you visit a town in Animal Crossing City Folk from Animal Crossing wild world?

you have to either register someone on your friend rooster or connect to your friend when you've got each others ds

Who is Rosie on Animal Crossing?

She is a cute blue cat that appears in all Animal Crossing games. She even appeared in Animal Crossing The Movie and is Ai's friend!( But her name in Japanese is Buke, pronounced like bouquet!!)

Can you go to an island in Animal Crossing DS?

No, you cannot. That is only for the Animal Crossing on the Gamecube system. You can, however, visit other towns if you have their "Friend Code".

Are there codes for Animal Crossing wild world?

The only type of code you can get on 'Animal Crossing: Wild World' is a 'Friend Code' for WiFi'ing. Not cheat codes.

How do you get friend code on animal crossing without a WEP?

You can't. You have to have a stable WiFi connection to get a friend code.

Can someone play Animal Crossing City Folk with you?

If you have Wi-Fi then yes. You have to go to youtube, type in animal crossing city folk friend codes, and then give your friend code. Make sure you give them the message on youtube if you can be their friend.

Can i play animal crossing with my friend over wifi eventhough i don't have the game?


Are there any friend codes near savanna on animal crossing wild world?