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Nobody can help you find a solution until you get another equation to go along with this one.

Your equation has two variables in it ... 'x' and 'y' ... so it has no unique solution all by itself.

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Does y equals 5 over x equals a linear or nonlinear equation?

Give us the whole equation, and we can help.

Why does 3 equal x?

The number 3 equals x when it has the same value in an equation. This is used to help solve a specific problem in math where certain variables are unknown.

How do you solve math equations like from 2 to 5?

In a math equation, something equals something else. You haven't given any equation to work with. I'm thinking you're looking to find 'x' when 'y' equals 2, when 'y' equals 3, etc. But we need some more info to help you.

How do you convert an equation into logarithmic form?

You can take the logarithm on both sides of an equation. The real trick is to figure out when this will help you to solve the equation, and when not.

Can you solve 2x - 6 equals 4?

I will help.... You have to solve for x 1) simplify 2x-6=4 2) 2x=? 2) x=? Hint make 6 equal zero on the left side of the equation

How does simplifying an expression help you to solve an equation efficiently?

It combines like terms and results in the least amount if variables to solve for

Can anyone help with this problem solve Quadratic problem 3x2 4X -2 0?

If you mean 3x2+4x-2 = 0 then it can be solved by means of the quadratic equation formulla

How can b.e.d.m.a.s help solve maths equations?

It tells you the order in which the equation needs to be simplified.

How can variables be used to help solve a math problem?

If you don't know something in a math equation you can replace it with a variable and then solve it algebraically.

How do you solve a equation in standard form when it has a fraction in it?

Solve it as you would normally. I could help if I had the equation. :) Fractions don't really change much; they just make the problem look more difficult.

How are graphs and equations related?

Graphs help you solve equations, and equations help you solve graphs. Because the graph is a diagram of the equation, showing at its simplest the y answer for each value of x.

Can you help solve 3-x equals 12x-1?

3 - x = 12x - 1 Add x to both sides of the equation: 3 = 13x - 1 Add 1 to both sides of the equation: 4 = 13x Divide both sides of the equation by 13: 4/13 = X

X plus y plus z equals 9 and x plus 2y plus 3z equals 23 and x plus 5y-3Z equals -7 solve for x and y and z?

Can you help with this equation? Thanks. Solve for x and y and z for the following. x plus y plus z equals 9 x plus 2y plus 3z equals 23 x plus 5y plus -3z equals -7

What are the two principles to help to solve an equation?

first we should understand the question,then we should know the formula.

How does writing equivalent equations help you solve a system of equations?

You can write an equivalent equation from a selected equation in the system of equations to isolate a variable. You can then take that variable and substitute it into the other equations. Then you will have a system of equations with one less equation and one less variable and it will be simpler to solve.

What is the difference between a situation and a solution equation?

A situation equation follows the order of the story problem.For instance:Johnny has 8 apples, he eats some, and has 3 left.The situation equation would be: 8 - a = 3A solution equation is the equation that would help you find the solution. Your brain doesn't automatically know what "a" is, it has to rearrange the order of the equation and then solve.The solution equation would be: 8 - 3 = a, then you would solve it.

Can anyone help solve 46 - -12 equals?

The two negatives make a positive. So, make a "U" with the two negative signs, and it will always remind you to add them together! So, 46 - - 12 = 58

What clues could help determine between equations and expressions?

An equation has the 'equals' sign ( = ) in it. An expression hasn't.

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