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2006-10-10 18:17:04
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98 Grand Cherokee jeep and when I am driving down the road it start cutting out like jerking what do you do?

The problem could be a crankshaft positioning sensor which is located on the driver side of the bell housing they are not the cheapest about 50 to 70 at the parts store.That is the problem i face right now..If the check engine light is on take it to autozone have them hook up a computer. it will tell you exactly whats wrong...but the light HAS to be on.

Can a faulty crankshaft sensor in my vauxhall astra be the cause of the engine intermittently cutting out?


Is there math in BMX?

Yes there is, the design and making. cutting materials, geometry of the design and the crankshaft and propulsion

Why is your 1997 dodge avenger cutting in and out?

if cutting in and out while still power in car may be engine computer or computer wiring. if all power cutting out then its possible car battery cables.

What is cutting in a computer?

cutting is when you want to take a pice of text and put it somwhere else

Why does the computer keep cutting out?

IN most cases it is because the CPU is overheating, and cutting out your computer to stop it from damaging the system, you should check to see if the fan is working correctly.

Does cutting and pasting from others give us a computer virus?


What are cross cutting issues?

Cross cutting issues has to do with computer science. it refers to parts of a program that affects other problems.

What is a cutting-edge computer?

Anything that's called 'cutting-edge' is something which is at the forefront of current technology. What's cutting-edge today is unlikely to be cutting-edge soon because technological developments will have made it out of date.

What are the steps for cnc cutting machine manufacturing process?

CNC cutting machine is digitally controlled by computer. Generally, it has following steps in manufacturing process. Firstly, we need to connect CNC cutting machine with computer, Then we'd make some settings in computer, like input design vector file for cutting, and confirm the cutting position. The important step is the operating process. Click "Start " button, CNC cutting machine begins to work, it will automatically open the vacuum suction pump and fix the material on the cutting table,CNC cutting machine will cut as original set. When the processing is completed, the vacuum suction pump automatically stops. The manufacturing process is finished.

In computer cutting and pasting the item cut is temporarily stored in?

When cutting and pasting, the item cut is temporarily stored in clipboard.Office Clip Board

How do you cutting ladies salwar and kameez in Hindi?

Cutting a ladies salwar and kameez is difficult and best left to professionals. If this is not possible there are actually films available on the computer giving a step by step on the cutting and sewing process.

How is carton made?

design on the computer, cut by the carton cutting machine, Assembe it by hand

What is an explaination of cutting-edge computer technology?

one of it is the introduction of 3D TVs

Why does my computer tell me it is having problems with Silicon Integrated Systems and keeps cutting itself off?

because it can damage your computer and damage the software

How the computer involved in agriculture?

Mostly it is not, but the operation machines do certain actions like cutting or something like that. It had or now has a system by which created by a computer.

How do you place a pattern on wood for chip carving?

Laser Cutting. First use computer making the designs artwork. like platemaking. Then put this in a machine, The machine will cutting the patterns out as we want.

Why does your sims 2 pets keep cutting off?

Your computer does not have enough memory or cannot play the game.

What is the use of a computer calculator?

A computer calculator is exactly what it says, a calculator available to use on your computer. When computers were first being developed features such as calculators were seen as cutting edge but much less so these days.

After cutting the information in computer where it is stored temporarily?

It saves temporarily in the RAM, and when you save any information it goes to HDD.

What is clear cutting strip cutting and selective cutting?

Clear cutting is cutting every tree in a certain area, strip cutting is cutting portions (strips) in succession, and Selective cutting is only cutting certain trees in an area.

Your computer monitor is cutting off the top of the screen display Is it due to a worn out monitor or something major wrong with the computer?

It is ether damaged or needs to be reset. you should be able to reset it by buttons on the front of the moniter or software on your computer.

Lectra cutter is that a special cutting machine?

Lectra is a software to make markers and patterns for the garment industries cutting rooms. It can also have an integrated cutter attached to the computer, to cut the layers according to the marker. Guy Koekelbergh

What is a digital pattern cutter?

A digital pattern cutter is a computer controlled cutting machine, can cut what you design after import the design into the equipment.

What advantage does plasma cutting provide over oxyfuel cutting?

Plasma cutting is said to be more precise than oxyfuel cutting. Plasmas cutting is also faster than oxyfuel cutting.