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Yes, e-clear on Oxygen is 100% chlorine free.

It does not use any chlorine or salt or any other chlorides (such as Potassium chloride or magnesium chloride) to generate chlorine, but instead relies on an advanced oxidation process which is combined with copper ionization to sanitize the water.

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Q: Can anyone recommend a 100 percent chlorine free sanitation system for my swimming pool?
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How much 6 percent liquid chlorine do you put in a swimming pool?

There is no such thing.

What is the percent of chlorine in AlCl3?

The percent of chlorine in Aluminium chloride is approx. 79% and the percent of Aluminium is 20%.

In Italy what is the percent of population with adequate sanitation?


What is the percent of chlorine in the compound SnCl4?

The percent of Chlorine in the compound SnCl4 is 54.434% along with an atomic mass of 35.453. The percentage is the equivalent of the mass percent of this element.

What is the mass percent of chlorine in CCl3F?

77.42% mass of chlorine / mass of entire chemical x 100 = percent composition

What is the best way to kill weeds along fence line forever?

sodium hypochlorite 21.5 percent usually found in liquid form at your local swimming pool store. aka (liquid chlorine)

Chlorine is what percent of NaCl?

The chlorine content of sodium chloride is 60,334 %.

What percent of chlorine is in NaCl?

35.45/58.44 multiplied by 100=60.334 % of chlorine

What is empirical formula of a compound that is 52.7 percent potassium 47.3 percent Chlorine?


What is the percent composition of chlorine in NaCl?

Sodium chloride contain 60,334 17 % chlorine.

What is the empirical formula of 7.8 percent carbon and 92.2 percent chlorine?


What should chlorine level be?

99.99 percent

How much chlorine is in bleach?

Liquid household bleach will contain anywhere between 3 and 10 percent chlorine. The powdered form of bleach typically contains 40 percent.

What is the percent chlorine in carbon tetrachloride?

CCl4, one carbon to four chlorine atoms. = 4/5 = 80% (by number).

What would the empirical formula be for 66 percent Barium and 34 percent Chlorine?


What is the automic mass of chlorine atom?

Chlorine 35: exact weight: 34.968852, percent abundance: 75.77 Chlorine 37: exact weight: 36.965903, percent abundance: 24.23 average atomic weight; 35.453

What is the percent composition of chlorine in salt?

By atoms it is 50% sodium and 50% chlorine. By mass (sodium is 23.0, chlorine is 35.5, salt is 58.5) is 39.3% sodium and 60.7% chlorine.

What is the empirical formula for a substance containing 65.95 percent barium and 34.05 percent chlorine?


What percent of the chlorine in the atmosphere can be attributed to nature?


What percent of the sources of chlorine in the stratosphere are CFCS?

The answer is 69 %

What is the empirical formula of a molecule containing 24 percent carbon C 6 percent hydrogen H and 70 percent chlorine Cl?


What is the Importance of chlorine?

Importance & Benefits of Chlorine 1. Chlorine is essential to human life. 2. Chlorine is the 10th most abundant element in the human body. 3. Chlorine is the 11th most abundant natural element on earth. 4. Chlorine has saved more lives than any other chemical produced 5. Chlorine disinfects 98 percent of the U.S. drinking water supply. 6. Chlorine is needed in the production of 85 percent of all pharmaceuticals. 7. Chlorine is required in the production of 96 percent of all crop protection chemicals. 8. Chlorine is involved in 45 percent of all commercial products. 9. Chlorine uses and compounds identified as posing unreasonable health risks should be scientifically sorted out, and steps taken to control the associated risk.

How does chlorine get into water?

its added by the city get a carbon filter for your house and that will get rid of 99 percent of chlorine and ammonia and

What percent of NaCl is Cl?

The percentage of chlorine in NaCl is 60,33417 %.

What is the mass percent of chlorine in chloroform CHCl3?