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Can anyone recommend a 100 percent chlorine free sanitation system for my swimming pool?


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Yes, e-clear on Oxygen is 100% chlorine free.

It does not use any chlorine or salt or any other chlorides (such as Potassium chloride or magnesium chloride) to generate chlorine, but instead relies on an advanced oxidation process which is combined with copper ionization to sanitize the water.

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The percent of chlorine in Aluminium chloride is approx. 79% and the percent of Aluminium is 20%.

The chlorine content of sodium chloride is 60,334 %.

77.42% mass of chlorine / mass of entire chemical x 100 = percent composition

The percent of Chlorine in the compound SnCl4 is 54.434% along with an atomic mass of 35.453. The percentage is the equivalent of the mass percent of this element.

35.45/58.44 multiplied by 100=60.334 % of chlorine

Sodium chloride contain 60,334 17 % chlorine.

Chlorine 35: exact weight: 34.968852, percent abundance: 75.77 Chlorine 37: exact weight: 36.965903, percent abundance: 24.23 average atomic weight; 35.453

sodium hypochlorite 21.5 percent usually found in liquid form at your local swimming pool store. aka (liquid chlorine)

By atoms it is 50% sodium and 50% chlorine. By mass (sodium is 23.0, chlorine is 35.5, salt is 58.5) is 39.3% sodium and 60.7% chlorine.

its added by the city get a carbon filter for your house and that will get rid of 99 percent of chlorine and ammonia and

Liquid household bleach will contain anywhere between 3 and 10 percent chlorine. The powdered form of bleach typically contains 40 percent.

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The percentage of chlorine in NaCl is 60,33417 %.

CCl4, one carbon to four chlorine atoms. = 4/5 = 80% (by number).

The percent composition of ammonium chloride is:- hydrogen: 7,55 %- nitrogen: 26,41 %- chlorine: 66,04 %

NaCl contain 39,66583 % sodium and 60,33417 % chlorine.

Thirty percent of the single family homes in Phoenix have pools

( 3 x 35.5 ) / 119.38 = 0.892 or 89.2%

Think about it for a moment. Which is better stronger liquid chlorine or weaker chlorine. And most likely the weaker chlor. has been sitting in the sun on a dock for hours and is now at about 8% in strength. Hmmm. Ken

Sodium Chloride is NaCl. Atomic weight of sodium (Na) is 23 and that of Chlorine (Cl) is 35. Molecular weight of Sodium Chloride is 58. % of Chlorine in Sodium Chloride is about 60%

Cholrine is present only 0.15% in human body.amount of chlorine and sodium is equal.which means chlorine is in form of Nacl .This Nacl may be in form of ions present in solution.

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