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I suspect you have a bad turn signal switch, but try replacing the Flasher Relay first. I had the similar problem with my 01 Jetta, I took it to VW and they informed me that there was a recall on the hazard light switch (which is also the relay for the turn signals), and that seemed to fix it. This could be causing the problem that you are having, check this site out and it should list all the recalls. That affects your car. VW might pay for it to be replaced if it has not already been done.

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โˆ™ 2006-09-27 22:50:21
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Q: Can anyone tell my why the turn signals in a 2001 Jetta 2.0 work intermittenly or not at all When I turn the signals on I sometimes see that that they flash but then they go out?
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Why dont your blinkers work in your 1990 jetta you changed the flasher and the fuses are not broken The hazards work but turn signals wont?

The 1990 VW Jetta turn signals will not work when the ground wire is broken or corroded. The turn signals may need the lightbulb's replaced.

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Emergency flashers are a separate circuit. I would replace the turn signal flasher relay. To find it, switch on your turn signals and follow the sound. The flasher is probably worn. I hope this helps.AnswerWhat he said, or you have a bulb out...

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