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Q: Can anyone trade a deoxys with me whats your friend code and what do you want my friend code is 3566 1470 0299.?
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Can anyone trade a Deoxys with me whats your friend code and what do you want my friend code is 3566 1470 0299?

yea, i can once i can migrate Pokemon and that'll b this weekendif you want it, wait a little bitFriend Code: 2320 7709 3876Name: ZachP.S.I have the speed versionI'll trade one of my deoxys with you but I need to know if you want speed form, defence Form, attack Form, or normal form deoxys.(my name's Josh and my friend code is: 1933 8043 3091.)hi i don't have a dexoys im trying to look for one do you know if the guy josh or Zach has more of the deoxys in attack form?..

Does anyone have a Spiritomb to trade I could give you a Dialga or a Palkia?

Hey i would happily trade you a spiritomb for a palkia. Hey buddy whats your friend code?

Will someone trade A turtwig to my Pokemon HeartGold?

whats your friend code i have a turtwig i will trade you give me friend code and tell me what Pokemon you will give me

Can someone trade you a mew celebi jirachi or Deoxys in platinum?

whats ur trainer id I'll trade u a mew for sumthing good.. u got a charmander, charmeleon or charziard? email me @

Whats the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Deoxys cause you can't get it.

I need a Chikorita.I will trade you a girl Treecko for it. My game is Pokemon Platinum Version and my friend code is 3824 5122 9512 and my name is Shiloh. Will you trade with me?

yes i will ok whats your friend code ID1224452233?

Can anyone trade a Arceus with me whats your friend code and what do you want my friend code is 3566 1470 0299?

2492-0648-1128 is my fc and I would like a tangrowth . Trade with me at 5:00pm on may 10th so I can trade you my ARCEUS (Gasps, clapping fainting, screaming, Hip hip hooooooray!!!!!!!)idiot.... ill trade u my arceus for a darkrai it level 100 and has judgement, roar of time,spacial time and shadow forcewhat is that website anyway??

Is anyone here a friend of david tennannt or knows him on a personal level whats the real david's like?

Like any other famous person.

Whats your friend code on Pokemon white?

My name is Touya and my FC is 1936 0052 4363 Battle or Trade me weekends or weekdays at 3:00 PM.

Whats the rarest Pokemon in ruby?

deoxys and jirachi and there's even mewtwo in a secret place but that's for me to know and u to find out

What are the release dates for Whats a Friend - 2009?

Whats a Friend - 2009 was released on: USA: 18 April 2009 (Miami Beach, Florida)

What is the definition of friend-boy?

i think your question should have been "whats da definition of a friendly-boy"which would be a boy whos just good to everyone and compatiable with anyone.