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Probably not. If the other driver doesn't have any damage and didn't take any information from you then you are left with the damage to your car and you can decide to live with that or make a claim on your own insurance policy for that damage, if you have collision coverage. If you damage is minor I would probably not make a claim on your policy.

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Q: Can anything come out of being at fault in a minor accident with only little damage to your car and no damage to the other car and no information was asked by the other driver?
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Can anything come out of being at fault in a very minor accident with only little damage to your car and no damage to the other car and no information was asked by the other driver?

Not usually, but it can be risky if they took your name and Insurance Info or Driver's License info. Normally, no damage, no problem. I wouldn't worry about it.

In case of an accident with a property damage of 750 or higher to who should each driver file a report SR1 to?

In case of an accident with a property damage of $750 or higher, each driver must file a report (SR1) to the:

Do the police give the other driver in an accident insurance information of another driver?


What do you do when you are involved in an accident that was not your fault but your insurance has lapsed and the other driver wants your information?

Tell that driver exactly that. And see what type of arrangement, you can come up with. In most states, your license will be suspended for a year, so if its not your fault, explain to the driver, even with your information it will not tilt the scales in his favor with the insurance company, but surely damage your license.

Do you have to add your children to your auto insurance once they have their driver's license or can you add them after they have an accident?

if you add them AFTER they have an accident, they will not be covered for anything that happened during, or as a result of, the accident

Which insurance company pays if one car has no damage?

The Insurer of the at fault driver pays for the accident.

What information should you give the other driver when you are involved in an accident?

Your insurance information and contact information would suffice.

Had car accident other driver will not fill in accident report can you do anything this is in Scotland?

Contact the authorities in the area the accident occured, surely they will be able to provide assistance.

Someone was in a very very minor accident in October of 2006 in Kentucky The speed of the collision was less that 5mph Can the other driver still sue?

If the other driver suffered property damage or was injured, he can sue the driver who caused the accident, regardless of the speed of collision.

If the driver of a car is liable for an accident who is liable the owner of the car or the driver's insurance company?

The owner of the car is liable for the accident itself and the damage. However, the insurance company might have to pay for it, depending on the owners insurance cover.

If an unlicensed driver is in an accident with an insured car will the insurance company still cover the damage?

Most likely yes.. but your rates are going up, and the driver will be cited.

Is it illegal to leave the scene of a car accident if you are not at fault?

It is illegal to leave the scene of an accident without providing full and accurate contact information. If the police are called, you need to wait for them to allow you to leave. Leaving can result in criminal charges. For a minor accident, with no injuries and no damage other than to the cars themselves, you can exchange information and agree with the other driver to file a police report.

Can a uninsured and unlicensed driver sue you for an accident?

Yes. It is the responsibility of the at-fault party to pay for the damage caused in an accident, regardless of the license or insurance status of the not at-fault party.

If the at fault party in a vehicle accident does not carry insurance in Louisiana can you sue that driver for damages to your vehicle?

Yep. if they did the damage.

If an uninsured driver of an insured driver's car has an accident caused by weather and another driver is damage to the insured car covered?

How is the driver uninsured? If he had permission from the insured vehicle owner to drive? There are policy exclusion that apply but most generally that person is considered as an insured driver. I will assume (for the purpose of answering your question) by uninsured driver you mean they have no policy of their own. Are you asking if weather conditons contributed to the accident (say wet/slick road) and they slid into another vehicle is the insurance on the car responsible for the damage to the vehicle they slid into? Yes, probably. Insurance stays with the car. If you could provide more detailed information regarding the driver, and facts of loss, I could be of more assistance to you.

Whose insurance should pay if you get in an accident in your friend's car and damage is done to the car?

Insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver.

What is covered if an insured driver gets into an accident in an uninsured car?

This would require more information to answer.

I got into a minor accident and I was at fault. The other driver had my information and will file with my insurance company. Anything I need to do?

You should contact your insurance company and let them know. Your insurance company should take care of the rest.

If an uninsured driver with permission from an insured car's owner gets into an accident will insurance cover the other vehicle's damage?

Insurance follows the car, not the driver. So as long as the automobile is insured, so is the driver. Just make sure the driver has a valid driver's license.

How do you claim your car?

Accident is an accident wether you are a good driver or not because it is an accident that why it happens, so if you need a solicitors call EasiGo, they work for you without paying anything to them getting your 100% compensation and hassle free

How much money do you get if you are in a car accident and it was not your fault?

That depends how costly the accident was. If the other driver is uninsured I doubt anything. But if everything is legit and you go get an estimate and your insurance adjuster will discuss that for you.

When involved in an accident you must provide the following information about yourself to the other driver?

the answer is all above Name, Address,Driver License Number

Driver told that car is insured under owners policy Crashes it and it turns out there is no insurance for the vehicle. Drivers insurance pays for damage to 3rd party Who pays to repair the car?

It is always the at-fault party's responsibility to pay for the damage they cause in an accident. Insurance is a transfer of risk from the driver to the insurance company, but if the coverage (collison) does not exist on the car, then the driver will be responsible to pay out of pocket for the damage.

What if a minor uninsured driver has an accident in parents car?

If the car is insured and covers other drivers, the damage will be covered to the limits of the policy. If not, they're on their own.

The moral principle is involve when a car driver who is involve in an accident is changed reckless in prudence causing damage of property?

Recklessness may constitute an offense against property.