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Watch History Channel, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo Wild and other informative documentary channels and shows

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Q: Can anything make you go to sleep fast?
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What do you do to make school go by fast?


Is there a drink that can make you go to sleep fast?

Cyanide =/

How do you make 2 days go by really fast?


Is there anything you can do to make the pain go away after being hit in the balls?

just go to sleep or forget about it

How do you make the day go fast?

Stay busy. When you are busy - with almost anything - time goes very fast.

How can you make the week going to up until your birthday go fast?

sleep, eat, and goto the bathroom ONLY.

How do you make your hamster go to sleep?

i turn on the televison.that's how they go to sleep

How do you make tamagotchi sleep?

You cant make it go to sleep by it self:)

How fast can a Raptor 700r SE go?

As fast as you can make it go or wanna make it go but there are limits.

How long after concussion can you go to sleep?

you can not go to sleep they will make you stay up it will kill you if u go to sleep and sometimes u can go in to a coma

How do you get your puppy to go to sleep really fast?

To get a pupp to sleep quickly you should play with them. Puppies are very energetic and this is one of the best ways for them to expend their energy. Puppies go through their energy very fast and it wont take long for the animal to calm down an go to sleep.

In miss popularity how do you make her sleep or nap?

you have to wait till 23.00 then she will go to sleep and then it will be 12.00am again. you cant actually make her go to sleep or take a nap

What is sleepmode on HTC wildfire?

sleep mode is state of phone. You can go to sleep mode by fast pushing power button. the screen will go off and phone will be in sleep mode. Phone also go to sleep mode when idle for a longer time.

What to make you not to go sleep?


How do you Make your eyes not feel tired from not enough sleep?

Go to sleep

Do you go to sleep in heaven?

you die on earth and wake up in heaven, in heaven you do not want, or need anything

How do you get out of the Fast SS Aqua in Pokemon shiny gold?

you have to go to sleep in your bed

How fast can rockets fly?

as fast as you can make it go

How fast is the wave board?

as fast as you can make it go or if you get pulled along by a car on 1 you can go as fast as the car can go

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if the 2002 is anything like the 1997 model 40mph is about as fast as it will go.

How can you make your dog go to sleep?


What do you do to make your eye rested?

go to sleep.

How do you make your kid go to sleep?


How do you go to sleep really fast?

well, you have to either be really tired or take setitives

Why does your 3 year old son not go to sleep?

Maybe he just needs to eat more, or rock him to sleep, but sometimes make a nap and sleep schedule, and make a reward when he does go to bed.