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Sorry dear, but no. You can put a product called "Stripper" in your ahir which removes color, but leaves your hair being a random light color depending on what color your hair was dyed and what the natural color is. After you put the stripper in your hair you would get a new color and re-dye your hair to the closest possible color to what you want it to be. you will than have to let your hair grow out until you get your natural color back.

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Q: Can anything remove hair dye
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Can anything remove hair dye from fabric?

I've used hair spray to remove hair dye from the carpet. Not sure about anything else though.

Can anything remove hair dye from carpets?

Why are you using hair dye on the carpet? You use arm & hammer like the rest of us.

WHAT can you remove hair dye from skin WITH?

Anything that has alcohol like perfume usually works.

How do you remove permanent hair dye?

if the dye is on fabric it will be there forever, in your hair, it will fade and grow out.

How do you remove red dye from hair?

dye it a different color

Can you get hair dye out your hair using something other than hair dye remover?

No, the only way to remove hair dye from hair is to use a hair lightening product...i.e. Bleach for hair.

How do you remove hair dye frommoak wood?


How do you make your hair blond with out dye?

you dont dye your hair blonde you remove all colour pigment with bleach

Do you have to add anything to purple hair dye to make it pastel purple hair dye?

Just buy the hair dye the colour in the first place, or add hair conditioner to it to lighten it up.

How do you remove temporary hair dye?

Washing the hair with water and shampoo will completely remove temporary haircolor.

How do you remove hair dye from a mirror?

Wipe it off

Can you remove hair dye?

The answer depends on the hair dye. If it is permanent you need to go to a professional. If it is temporary you may be able to wash it multiple times and have the dye come out.

How do you remove temporary blue hair dye?

put your own sick in your hair

Can you use developer to remove hair dye?

You can use a level 30 type of peroxide developer to remove hair dye from your hair, but this will also lighten your hair. You could try to use a level 20 if you do not want your hair to lighten up.

Does hair dye make you loose a lot of hair?

Yes. Your hair will fall out like that. Green hair dye can make you bald, depending on the chemicals. Anything else, especially blonde hair dye, will make a little fall out.

How do you dye over hair dye on eyebrows?

you can only dye them darker than the color there dyed, color will not remove color.

How do you remove hair dye from shower?

jiff and turps do not work

How do you remove dip dye?

How do u remove dip die with no hair colour remover

What is pro keratin hair dye?

keratin is in carrots, which cause anything to turn orange in color; therefore, keratin hair dye is hair dye with more keratin than normal hair dye. it may or may not make your hair turn orange-tinted, depending on what color hair dye it is, but it's not a bad thing. it can actually also soften your hair.

How do you Dye hair with gel in it?

Well first you'd have to remove the gel. If you don't you can't be sure that the dye would penetrate your hair down to the shaft where it is needed. It's wash out the gel and then dye your wet hair. No problem!

How do you remove white hair?

u dye it with another color or the color of ur hair now

How to remove Hair dying pait from skin?

im not sure how to remove hair dye off your skin but it can be prevented by rubbing vaseline on your skin around your hair line and ears. basically any where the hair dye might accidently go on while your dying it.

How can you remove hair dye from your nails?

it fades away over time.

Do hair dryers dye hair?

a hair dryer does not dye hair

When does hair dye come off skin?

Hair dye will come off your skin fairly quickly after you color your hair. You can rub some shampoo on the skin and that should help to remove the dye stain from your skin safely and gently.