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  • Yes they can, technically the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires them to do so as part of the agreement of being a legitimate licensed insurance carrier. Remember, anyone withheld from the policy who drives and causes a claim they will laugh and deny the whole thing. You will then need a good lawyer.
  • I am a agent for a large company, and yes insurance companies have the right to ask you anything about the Occupants of your household. You don't have to answer them but dont expect to have insurance with them very much longer.


It depends on the state in which you live. In Wisconsin, our insuring contracts state that every member of your household is covered by your policy, and Wisconsin does not allow us to exclude any driver. Since the insurance company is on the hook for everybody, they absolutely have the right to have information about everyone in the household. In some states, it is permissible to exclude drivers. In those cases, you can sign an agreement with your insurance company that basically says that if "Person X" drives my car and has an accident w/ it, the insurance company does not have to provide coverage. In that case, they will still need some information, but since they are not covering that person, not as much information.

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Auto insurance companies The insurance company can ask you a lot of things that you don't think are any of their business, but if they are insuring your auto, they have every right to ask about all residents in your household as well as anyone else who may have access to your vehicle. Failure to disclose is a violation of the terms of your insurance contract and can result in cancellation or non-renewal of your policy.

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Q: Can auto insurance companies demand information about people who live with you?
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