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Can azithromycin and lorazepam be taken together?

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Yes they can be. They are two different prescriptions for two different things.

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Yes. They can be taken together.

Yes they can be taken together and have moderate interactions.

Yes, ceftriaxone and azithromycin may be taken together.

what are the affest of taking hydrocone &lorazepam

They shouldn't be taken together. They're both benzos. They can be, of course.

Only if you doctor prescribes them for you together.

Yes; lorazepam is a CNS depressant and should not be taken with other depressants. Marijuana is not a depressant so should be okay in combination.

Any drug or household product can be fatal if not taken or used correctly. If taken under the supervision of a doctor, risperdal and lorazepam are not contraindicated, and that means that they can be taken together if taken as they are prescribed, in the correct dosage.

Yes, these two meds can be taken together.

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Can i take Tylenol citalopram and lorazepam together

My question was, " Can you take azithromycin and erythromycin together?". There was no answer!

is it ok to take Valium and lorazepam together

For what condition or disorder would a doctor prescribe both Valium AND ativan?

Yes you can. I am prescribed both for severe anxiety, but every case is different!

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There are no drug interactions between azithromycin and oxycontin.

Those 2 drugs shouldn't be taken at the same moment of the day. But Vyvanse can be taken in the morning while lorazepam is taken at night. Vyvanse might cause anxiety and insomnia... while lorazepam is used to treat these condition. This combination should be well evaluated by a good doctor. Your doctor should know you take those 2 drugs together.

No. They should not be taken together. You may have to suspend taking of lorazepam tablet. Both are sedative and morphine is very strong sedative and painkiller.

Tramadol is a medication given for mild pain, while lorazepam is a benzodiazapine and is normally taken for anxiety disorders. Generally speaking, it's not advised to mix the two together. However, dosages must be considered when a situation calls for prescribing both medications.

Yes, you can take Advil and Azithromycin together. There are no ingredients in either that will combine and harm you.

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