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ADD is a brain wiring pattern, and is a genetic trait. So, yes, if it is ADD, it was likely present at birth. It usually won't be noticed at birth, however.

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Can babies have ADHD when they are first born?

Absolutely!! I knew my baby was ADHD from when he was in my womb already. They can only make an official diagnosis later but the mother always knows.

Why new born babies cries after birth?

Theyre not used to the light.

Do babies be born feet first?

babies born feet first gave a lot problem in the birth room. Mainly most babies are born heard head first.

Is ADHD contagious?

No; ADHD is a disorder that you are born with.

What are facts about ADHD?

adhd is not contagious so if you have it you were born with it

Are premature babies more likely to have ADHD as they grow up?

ADHD is a genetic problem. Premature birth is usually an environmetal one, although can be affected by some genetic factors e.g. a small mother, susceptibility to other causes of premature birth. There is no connection between being born early and ADHD.

How old are pigs when they first open their eyes?

A few minutes after they are born, theyre eyes open.

Can babies have ADD when they're first born?

yes ADD and ADHD are both genetic which means that people get them while still unborn, It only is obvious that people have it around 3rd grade when overactive stops being part of school

Can a person be diagnosed with add and ADHD?

The person can only be diagnosed with ADHD when he/she is born.

Are babies always born head first?

Not always. Usually they are born head first but sometimes babies can come out the other way which means they can be born butt first. This is called the breech position. When a baby is born this way it can cause problems. If a breeech baby is born naturaly the butt will come out first and if the baby is born this way the baby's head could get stuck. So for most breech babies they are planned to be born by cearsarean section (c section). So for most babies it is better to be born head first instead of butt first.

What is the nurses title that takes care of the babies after they are born?

a nurse that takes care of babies when there born is called a neonatal nurse and a Doctor that takes care of babies when there first born is a neonatalogist

Do babies have all their teeth at birth?

no babies do not have teeth when they are first born they form after a few months

Why babies cry after the delivery?

babies cry when they are born because the need to take their first breath.

Sacagawea's babies name?

pomp meaning "first born"

When do babies get the eye color they will keep?

when they are first born . they get it from there mother

Can ADD ADHD and or OCD people become autistic?

Usually you are born with autism adhd and ocd , But peopel with autism also tend to have adhd and ocd

Must a person with ADHD go to a special school?

no, plenty of kids with ADHD go to normal school. And actually most kids have ADHD when they are born.

What year was the first man born?

never because only babies can be born not men

How are bottlenose dolphin babies born?

They are born tail first so the calf does not drown.

Can you make yourself have ADHD?

No! You are born with it. If you don't have it when you were born, you never will.

Can babies be quiet when born?

Yes until they draw their first breath.

Why are most babies born head first?

Most babies are born head first (called the fetal or cephalic position) because that is how most babies settle in the uterus. Having a baby breech means having them the opposite direction and can really cause problems during the labor, so having a baby head first in normal delivery is the best thing that could happen. About 97% of babies are born head first, without complications.

What colour are the babies eyes at birth?

Often, babies are born with blue eyes, which darken in the first few months of life.

How is a baby zebra born?

Zebras are usually born head first.

How are members of the church born of water and the holy spirit?

theyre not "born of water" i think u mean theyre baptized. meaning washed in water in the name of the Father.

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