Can baby powder cause lung damage when inhaled?

"All things in moderation", as far as we know, small amount of talc will cause no harm since they have been using it around babies for years. However, there is a theory that baby powder may contribute to the risk of ovarian cancer. At least one study showed some link to the prolonged use of baby powder and ovarian cancer, but there is also a genetic component to ovarian cancer (family history). Baby powder applied to the vaginal area prior to surgery was detected in the abdominal cavity during surgery, apparently through the fallopian tubes. Below is from a pediatrician (what may have been fine to use years ago doesn't mean it's good for us today. When it comes to infants why take the risk. Wash with baby soap for the time being. Later you may switch to a bar soap after 2 months of age. You can use Ivory or Dove soap. Lotion is permissible but not baby oil. Heat rash is nothing more than small red pinhead size bumps on the chest, neck, arms, etc. This is caused by the pores being clogged by sweat, lotion, milk, or chemicals in the clothes i.e., Downy rinse or deodorant Bounce towels etc. To help clear up the heat rash, wash area clean and let it dry. Talcum baby powder can cause lung damage if inhaled; when using powder, do so sparingly and try to keep baby from inhaling any, or simply do not use it. Corn starch powder is safer.