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There are many things about this and the answer is no it cant

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2009-11-16 16:03:33
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Q: Can being bulimic cause you not to have children?
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Can being bulimic kill you?


Can being bulimic make you thirsty?


Can you get sick from being bulimic?

Haha. YES.

Can you lose 20 pounds while being bulimic?

you can but being bulimic sucks its depressing and it makes you feel like a pirate who just got killed by Jack Sapparrow

How many pounds can you lose in 2 weeks by being bulimic?

Being bulimic is not a good methos to weight loss. Bulimia is a dangerous and often deadly eating disorder.

Why is bad to be bulimic?

Being bulimic isn't bad. People just say it is because they are jealous that you are becoming skinny and they aren't. I think everyone should be bulimic so we can all be wonderfully skinny!

Will being bulimic cause weight loss?

Yes and No. Being bulimic will because you are not keeping anything down however this will lead to severe health problems and if it is continued your body will start eating its own tissues and organs for food. No because every time you do eat your body will put on the weight because it does not know when the next meal is coming.

Is Miley Cyrus bulimic?

Yes. She is obsessed with food and being skinny (according to her Twitter posts), and she has the puffy, gland-swollen face and grey pallor of a bulimic.

What is badder anorexic or bulimic?


Are you bulimic?

About 1 in every 200 people is bulimic or has some bulimic tendencies.

If you start being bulimic how long will it take to become skinny?

Bulimia will not help you lose weight.Only healthy eating and exercise will do that.You can lose weight being Bulimic but it will happen much slower then an anorexic. Also most of what you lose is water weight not actual weight. It depends on what kind of bulimic you are as well.

How would you measure the capacity of your stomach?

By being a voluntary bulimic with a measuring bowl

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