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well i was sick for just over a week with a really bad cold and a fever and my period was late but I'm not pregnant so I guess it happens..

It's more likely that you are sick and missed your period because you are pregnant. Take a home test or go see a doctor to be sure.

When I was sick one time, my period was really light, almost spotting. I guess it's possible. If your diet has changed in any way, that might affect it too

Maybe. It happened mostly when I was pregnant and feeling sick, but I do remember a couple times where that happened.

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Yes, being ill can impact your menstrual cycle.

If you're ill around the time of ovulation your body may delay or skip ovulation in order to avoid you becoming pregnant at a time when your body could not cope, thus in turn menstruation would also be delayed or skipped. There are many other reasons for this, even travel can cause disruption to your menstrual cycles, and sometimes cycles are longer without any obvious cause.

As long as it's a one off there's no reason to be concerned, but if you go over three months without a period see your doctor just to be sure that there is nothing wrong with you.

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Q: Can being sick cause you to miss your period?
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Is it possible to miss your period after having mid-ccle bleeding but after getting sick?

Yes! Being ill can cause you to be more stressed and cause you to miss your period. There are several reasons you may skip a period.

What could cause you to miss your period other than being pregnant?

Stress can and so can having the flu or getting sick.

How many school days can you miss from being sick?

you can miss about 5 days

Can you be sick once and always feel sick and be pregnant?

Yes. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

Is it possible to miss a period on birth controle and not be pregnant?

Yes. If you have been sick or under stress this could cause a missed period. Sometimes a period is so light and short it is almost like you haven't had one, but you did.

Can some medicines even cough medicine cause your period to be a day or so late?

Yes it can. Being sick can also cause your period to come late too!

How can I tell if I'm pregnant before my period?

Generally, a missed period is the first symptom because all the other symptoms are also symptoms of your period being about to arrive, but you can look out for:Feeling sick/actually being sickExhaustedEmotional and moody and mood swingsNeeding to pee moreCertain smells/colours/foods make you feel/be sickHeadachesIf you miss your period, you need to take a pregnancy test

Can being sick dely your period?

It shouldn't.

How can you tell if you're pregnant before you miss a period?

You should be able to get a pregnancy test which can detect pregnancy hormones before you miss your period. But some women experience early pregnancy symptoms and some women just "know" that they are pregnant before they miss a period.Positive pregnancy test Feeling sick/actually being sick Headaches Dizziness Exhausted Stuffy nose Needing to pee more Tender/sore breasts Emotional/moody

How can you tell if you are pregnant or just gassy or sick?

wait to see if you miss a period. Or take a pregnancy test

Can being sick delay your period?

I don't know why, but some people's periods do get delayed when sick. The answer is yes.

Can being sick cause you not to have your period I have taken two pregnancy test?

Yes, illness, stress, exercise, weight lossor gain can all cause your period to be late. Don't bother testing again until your period is at least 2 weeks late. If the result is negative you are not pregnant.

Can amoxicillin cause your period to go longer?

No. If you are sick you will find that many times you will have your period delayed until you are better.

Feeling sick cramps tired moody are you pregnant?

not necessarily . But keep check on your cycle ,if you miss your period you surely could be

Burped then sick came up is that called being sick?

I believe that is called a "sour" burp, and no--it does not mean you are sick--so don't even think about using that as an excuse to miss school!

Can antibiotics delay your period if you are on birth control?

I am assuming that because your were on antibiotics you were sick. If this is so, it is the sickness that will delay your period. With some pills the antibiotics will also make the pill ineffective, so if you had sex in this time you could be pregnant. My guess is your period will be late or delayed because you were sick.You can miss a period on the birth control pill.A few antibiotics can reduce the efficacy of the pill and cause break-through bleeding or allow ovulation. In your case, with antibiotics starting toward the end of the cycle, they are probably not the problem. Contact your health care provider for advice if you miss your next period. Take a pregnancy test.

Had a period two weeks ago but still feel nauseous and have swollen breasts Why?


How soon would you know if you are pregnant after sex?

first you will miss your period and then you will start getting sick i would say 6 weeks

How you know if your pergent?

you know your pegante when you miss your period, your chest gets bigger, you get sick, tired, and a purple ring around the nipple.

You skipped your period last month and you aren't pregnant What should you do?

I wouldn't worry about it to much unless you go a few months without your period and you know that you aren't pregnant. Sometimes different things can cause you to miss your period. A few things that can interrupt your cycle are stress, hormones, being sick, ect. Just wait it out and see if you start next month, if not then make an appointment to see your family doctor. Hope this helps!

Can being sick affect your menstrual cycle?

Yes, being sick can affect your menstrual cycle by making your period late. Stress, whether good or bad, can have the same effect.

Can you get sick at Six Flags on your period?

You can get sick anywhere, on or off your period

What is the difference between allergies and being sick?

Being exposed to something your allergic to can potentially cause you to be sick. Being sick is your body's way of slowing down your cognitive functions, so that it can focus on getting rid of the thing that is making you sick.Example: If you are allergic to peanuts, and you eat one, there is a high chance that you will be sick.

What might cause your dog to be less active?

Being sick. Exessive exersize.

I was sick one night then the morning after I was sick again Could I be pregnant?

Possibly, however it's more likely that it was a bug or caused by something that you ate. If you miss your period, take a pregnancy test