Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Can bipolar be developed?

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Yep it can. It happens all the time. Most people aren't just born with it, but it develops sometimes.

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Bill and Brian are identical twin brothers Bill has developed bipolar disorder Brian is concerned about his chances of developing bipolar disorder He was told it was only about a forty percent Chan?


Does Leonardo di caprio have bipolar disorder?

Nope! However, he has developed OCD, due to his character as Howard Hughes in 'The Aviator'.

What is bipolar NOS?

Bipolar NOS is a category for bipolar states that do not clearly fit into the bipolar I, II, or cyclothymia diagnoses.

How do you say bipolar disorder in Spanish?

Desorden bipolar o trastorno bipolar

What is the definition bipolar?

what is the definition if bipolar??

Are spindles bipolar?

Are spindles bipolar

Can your children get bipolar?

Kids can definitely get Bipolar, especially if one (or both) of the parents are Bipolar.

How do you say 'bipolar' in Spanish?

Translation of bipolar: The same word is used.

Is Bipolar a disease?

Bipolar Disease is a disease.

Was Albert Einstein bipolar?

was einstein bipolar

How do you spell bipolar?

Bipolar is the correct spelling.

How do you use 'bipolar' in a sentence?

We need the depression prone bipolarcreative genius.

Who gives grant money for bipolar disorder sufferers?

Can paranoia happen with bipolar II?

It is much less likely with bipolar II than with bipolar I, but yes it can.

How do you say bipolar in spanish?

BIPOLAR [bi.po.'laɾ]

Was Rosa Parks bipolar?

No, Rosa Parks was not bipolar.

What is another word for 'bipolar'?


Does bipolar exist?

Yes, bipolar is a real disease.

What are the symptoms for children with bipolar?

what are the symptoms in children with bipolar

What is bipolar 2?

It is a less obvious form of bipolar, compared to bipolar 1. but as there mood changes more rapidly and often, bipolar 2 has a higher suicide rate

Are bipolar people pathological liars?

Some Bipolar people are pathological liars, but guess what? It has nothing to do with the fact that they are Bipolar. Being a pathological liar is not a symptom of Bipolar Disorder.

What is the difference between bipolar and borderline personality disorder?

bipolar get mad fast an im bipolar soo i know

Is it bipolar disease or bipolar disorder?

The correct term is bipolar disorder. Some people call it a disease though.

Is Lady Gaga bipolar?

"lady gaga is not bipolar she is in fact a born bisexual" The quote made is irrelevant to the Question: Is Lady Ga Ga Bipolar. You can be Bipolar or Not Bipolar and be straight or homosexual. As to whether she is Bipolar. She has one indication: She is a Genius. which is a characteristic of many Bipolar. The super-creativity comes from the brain storm of activity caused by the Bipolar "Gift". The downside of being Bipolar is depression. However there are those that are Unipolar that are either super "up" without depression and those who have depression without manic episodes.

Are you born with bipolar disoder?

yes, bipolar sidorder is hereditary