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In some cases yes, but that's up to your opthomologist (specialist for eyes.)

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1. what is the bleeding reason?

hypertension caused, diabetic retinopathy caused, retinal detachment, ealse disease or trauma?

2. hypertension, diabetic caused, if the bleeding is small, no severe vetreous body opacity, laser treatment is allowed.

3. retinal detachment and ealse disease need urgent surgery.

4. trauma, severe vetreous body opacity need vetrectomy surgery.

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Q: Can bleeding in the eye be stopped with laser treatment?
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What is glaucoma laser treatment used for?

Glaucoma laser treatment is used when there is a history of worsening glaucoma because topical solutions have not worked. Medicated eye drops are used to reduce eye pressure, but when the results are not sufficient laser treatment is the alternative.

What is leaser treatment for eye to clear eye number?

Its laser treatment dear.. A therapy done to clear eye number. Means to make your eye sight 6/6 in quick time my laser treatment or therapy so you don't have to wear glasses after that.

Where is laser used?

It can be used in a number of ways, i.e eye treatment and laser printing.

What is the price for laser eye surgery?

The cost of laser eye surgery varies between locations and the price you pay will depend on the speciality of your ophthalmologist, the location of the eye clinic and the extent of corrective vision treatment needed. For more information on the cost of laser eye surgery, see here:

For someone with severe eye damage is laser eye treatment the best way to go?

Laser eye treatment is a wonderful option for someone with severe eye damage. It is a truly helpful procedure that could bring back proper functioning vision.

Was bleeding behind eye had laser surgery to remove blood vessels but think bleeding has come back?


When getting eye laser treatment which part of the eye is removed?

The transparent skin in front of your retina.

How is bleeding behind the eye treated?

On recent visit to eye doctor's, he stated that my left eye had a small blood vessel that was bleeding due to diabetes. I asked him what was the treatment for this and does it go away. The answe i got was NO it does not go away and there is treatment for this as it can be lasered . On recent visit to eye doctor's, he stated that my left eye had a small blood vessel that was bleeding due to diabetes. I asked him what was the treatment for this and does it go away. The answe i got was NO it does not go away and there is treatment for this as it can be lasered .

What is bilateral laser eye treatment?

Bilateral eyes can be allergies that are annoying you.

What is rel-ex smile eye surgery technique?

Rel-ex smile eye surgery is a laser treatment for eye issues.

What is the treatment for a closed-angle glaucoma affecting the left eye?

laser iridotomy

Where can one have Palomar Laser Resurfacing treatment in the UK?

In the UK, you can have Palomar Laser Resurfacing treatment at a variety of surgeries. some of these are: UltraLase, Midland Eye, The Private Clinic, Palomar Medical, BMI Cosmetic and Cambridge Laser.

is there laser eye surgery for people that are farsighted?

Yes, Laser treatment is now available for the farsighted too. It cost around 40000RS.

How much does laser eye care cost?

The cost of a procedure will vary from provide to provider. And the price you obtain will be for one eye only. An average price for a strictly laser treatment would be about $2150.

What does Laser eye surgery do for the eyes?

Laser eye surgery is for people who have trouble seeing, they undergo treatment, that involves looking at a laser.It shaves off slivers of your corneaAnother answerLaser surgery is used to lower eye presser in the eyes to try to prevent glaucoma from damaging (blindness) in the eye. This procedure is not always successful.

Where can you obtain information on laser eye treatment?

There are internet sites devoted to discussions of various laser eye treatments. Most major cities have laser centers advertising information and 'show-and-tell' sessions for prospective patients. Personally, when it comes to my eyes, I'd ask my eye doctor first.

Can Glaucoma be cured with treatment?

Glaucoma may be treatable with laser eye surgery or medication in the form of eye drops or tablets. The medication can help to reduce the pressure in the eye.

How long does it take to do laser eye surgery?

With fast excimer laser like Wave Light Eye Q 400, the laser treatment time is just 2 second per dioptre. However other machines are bit slow. The whole procedure is less than 5 minutes per eye

What are the risks of using laser treatment on a cataract?

The risks of using laser treatment on a cataract include a rise in eye pressure and development of fluid. Other risks include damage to one's retina and cystoid macular oedema.

What is the treatment for bleeding behind the eye?

what is the cure for bleeding eyes i really want to help some people out please i need answer now please help me

What is the glaucoma treatment?

Glaucoma treatment includes pills, eye drops, laser surgery, traditional surgery or a mixer of these methods. The purpose is to prevent loss of vision.

What are some good hospitals where one can get good laser eye care treatments?

The best place to receive laser eye care treatments is the Eye and Vision Care Center. This facility offers every kind of treatment and offers great prices and professional service.

Does Laser eye surgery charge you per eye?

Yes, for laser surgery that charge by the eye.

What are some eye surgery options for short sightedness?

There are many different options when looking to correct eye vision. For those with short sightedness, they can seek treatment with laser eye surgery.

What is the minimum age for laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery in the US is approved for those 18 years or older. Besides that numerical limit, younger people may not have a stable level of visual deficit, and this needs to be stable for a year before laser treatment should be given.