Can boys change girls periods

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Q: Can boys change girls periods
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What do boys have while girls have their periods?


When do boys have their first period?

Boys don't get periods. Only girls do.

How all girls cantrol sex example boys do handpractice and girls how to cantrol?

boys leak sperm n girls have periods

Do boys have periods like girls?

No. Men do not have menstrual cycles.

Can boys tell if a girl is on her period?

no. they can't because boys don't have periods like girls do.

Why do boys like girls and girls like boys?

During puberty, hormones change and it means that boys and girls get attracted, not that they know it.

How are boys different to girls?

well boys are different than girls because boys have Dicks. Boys also dont get periods and girls do. boys have different horomones. well we all no that but we want to no the question dummbb ass that doesn't answer anything because I meant mentally.

Do boys and girls experience the same change?


How does the growth of girls differ from the growth of boys during Puberty?

Girls have a different hormone controlling their growth from boys. Boys have Testosterone and girls have Estrogen. Girls breasts and hips grow, they start their menarche and begin periods, whilst boys genitals develop and they grow more muscles than girls.

What do girls have to do that boys don't?

Girls get their periods as a sign their reproductive system is working correctly. The blood is coming from their uterus, and as boys don't have those, they don't get periods -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- yes but i do ask you don't put anymore questions like this on he site.

Do boys and girls play sports differently?

Yes, the boys and girls growth spurt grows differently. Boys have more developed muscles, so they're stronger. Girls have periods and give birth, so they are more flexible.

Why do boys and girls experience change in their body?


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