Can boys wear pink?

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Absolutely. In fact pink shirts and ties for businessmen are currently in vogue. .................yes, boys can wear pink. its a color just like all of the other ones.
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Is there something wrong with a 14-year-old straight boy who wears his mum's lingerie and whose favourite colour is pink?

Dont worry , im 14 and i wear girls underwear all the time. iwouldn't wear my mums though.get some of your own. it brilliantgoing out in public knowing you have womens lingerie on and no oneelse having a clue maybe not in foreign countries but here in the usa the answer wouldhave to be umm... yeah. ( Full Answer )

You are a 14 year old boy who likes to wear pink dresses and girly panties what should you do?

you my freind are a cross dresser or gay u pick... its ok but its not (but that's just my opion) but be your self and if people don't like it then well that's their problem and they need to get a life and let you live yours. do your parents know if they don't tell them and they might have better adv ( Full Answer )

Is pink a boy color?

Answer yes pink is a boys color fool its a color that everyone could like please note: i didnt word this corectly sorry ANSWER: Pink was considered a boy's color until the early 1900's cookie monster 111- pink is a color for guys if they r gay

Is it proper to wear pink to a funeral?

People need to dress in such a way that respects the dead person and his or her family.. Another point of view: . These days it is much more acceptable for people to wear more colorful clothing to a funeral, just as people are now wearing jeans to church. While I wouldn't wear anything that isn' ( Full Answer )

Why does Timmy Turner wear pink?

the artist, the one who drew the pictures, actually ran out of blue pen, and only had pink left.

Normal pink is for boys?

Pink is for everyone. But boys shouldn't wear hot pink, leave that one for the ladies.

Is pink for boys?

pink is a colour that more females wear but i think that if you like pink on a man feel free to wear it on boys yummm xoxo gossip girl

Is the color pink for girls or for boys?

I would say for GIRLS and BOYS,but I say some girls and boys don't like pink. My dad likes black and red,so he's not that kinda preson. u cant really say cause some girls like pink, some like blue but some boys like blue and some boys like pink. so u cant say! It's just a color anyone can wear ( Full Answer )

What size shoe does pink wear?

American singer and songwriter, Pink, wears a size 8.5 shoe. Shestands 5'4" and wears a size 4 dress. Her real name is Alicea MooreHart.

Why do boys hate pink?

Boys tend to hate the colour "pink" because it is said to be a feminine colour (only girls should like it), but now days boys seem to wear the colour. Otherwise it may just be that this particular boy seems to dislike the colour.

Can Pink-Pink be a boy bird?

no -They can if they are a flamingo! Or some other pink bird... But the Hink-Pink "boy bird" MIGHT just be a "Male Quail".

What to wear with pink shirt?

If you have a nice jacket that matches or if it is a tightish top wear skinny jeans and pumps with it to dazzle every ones attention... oh and accessorize

Why is Ginna wearing pink?

ginna is wearing pink because she is homeless and that wass all she had i tried to bring her the good will box but she didnt want it. idk shes just a hoboe. and so am i

Do you have to wear the pink ribbon on your chest?

yes, scientifically it shows that you care about the cure for Breast Cancer !!!. It shows that you care about 1/2 the women in the US who will get Breast Cancer sometime in their lifetime. Go to for more information!!

Why do baby girls wear pink?

It's because when we are baby boys and girls look alike so to tell us apart pink for girls and blue for boys.

Do boys wear pink ballet slippers?

Yes, very effeminate and/or gay male dancers loves to wear pink ballet slippers, even satin ones with ribbons! But for but not as popular as white or black slippers with tights, or flesh colour slippers with footless tights.

What perfume does Pink wear?

p!nk wears all sorts, however her main fragrance is 'fcuk for her'. the perfume has a sophisticated but young smell to it. this also one of my favourite perfumes.

Why do girls wear pink?

girls wear pink because over the ages, pink has been incorporated to be thought as "girls" wear and for girls only. same with blue and boys. Although now a days boys wear pink aswell and girls wear blue, pink still stands and represents girls for the reason that is has become that through time.

Can a boy like pink?

Yes, a boy can like pink. Though relatively few boys like pink, some boys can and do like pink. There is no mental limitation in the male mind that prevents a boy from liking the color pink.

What color can you wear with pink?

the color pink is very interesting. but with light pink you can were white ,army green, light blue, and orange. trust me they work. you people just happen to be talking with a fashionista.

Why did Bret Hart wear pink?

Hearts are pink, and his last name was heart, so he wore pink for name purposes.

Can you wear false eyelashes when you have pink eye?

You could but it might make your eye hurt worse. If you do wear them, throw them away after ONE wearing. You will be re-contaminating your eye if you put them on a second time. I know it's hard, but don't rub!! Don't wear any makeup when you have pinkeye. It'll irritate your eyes to apply it. If y ( Full Answer )

Should girls wear pink?

some huy or girl wrote a long thing on this wich make no sence at all so if u want to wear pink wear pink it's a color. some guys say tought guys wear pink. it's watever _______________________________________ Actually, before WWII boys wore pink since it was a watered down red and girls wore bl ( Full Answer )

How do you wear a pink thong?

The part with more fabric goes in the front and the back is just the little piece that goes up your butt

Why pink is for girls and blue for boys?

it all started in ancient China when boys were more important than girls. Blue dye was harder to get and it was more expensive than pink dye ,so people generally used blue for boys and pink for girls. Where in Belgium its blue for a girl and pink for a boy. I'm only nine and I knew that

Is pink a girl or boy color?

People think it is a girl color or a girly girl color but its not its a colour for boys and girls. Its a colour for everybody. Just because its pink doesn't mean its a girl colour.

What gang wears the color pink?

The Almighty Imperial Gangster Nation(Folk Nation gang) wears the colors pink & black. The Imperial Village Crips wear the colors pink & blue.

Can boys wear hot pink makeup?

Yes, they can even wear subtle blush. It's just don't make too many dramatic strikes on the skin with the hot pink makeup. Good luck.

Who started NFL players wearing pink?

They wear pink in October for national Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink items as well as ribbons on their equipment are found on all sorts of stuff.

Why do aka sorority wear pink and green?

LOL, why is the sky blue, and the grass green? It's the way of life. Each color represent that each sorority wears has far more meaning that meets the eye.

What should you wear with a pink shirt?

jeans with black or brown boots and some funky jewelry! if it's winter what's above if it's summer some shorts and your favorite flip-flops if its spring wear some capris with your fav converce!

Can a boy wear pink and purple ankle socks?

Yes to some shades of purple. Pink socks, instead may look too daring. If you like that color you must go for it, that's my philosophy, you just have to wear it with confidence to pull it off as a fashion statement, so stick to purple until you feel ready for pink socks ;).

Can emo wear pink nailpolish?

Yes, they can. It's whatever YOU want to do. There's no rulebook for how to be Emo. Emo's don't wear all black anyways, even according to the stereotype.

What to wear for boys?

Try to wear something simple, like a cool T-shirt or a pair of super skinny jeans . Or maybe put your hair up in a high ponytail . Don't over-do your make-up, it will make you seem like your trying too hard. Just wear lip gloss and some mascara . Another thing is to not wear eye-liner ! ( Full Answer )

Did pink have a girl or a boy?

Pink gave birth to a daughter who she named Willow Sage Hart on Thursday, June 2nd, 2011.

Can you wear contacts when you have pink eye?

Of course not! The contact will make your eye even worse, just use your everyday glasses I'm sure you'll be fine. Or you can visit a local pharmacist to see if they have any lotion or eye drops to cure your 'pink eye then when it has gone you can then wear eye contacts.

Why do prisoners wear pink underwear?

Because most prisoners, as all people, have inner goodness in their hearts and instead of sharing it with the world and the people on it, they decide to express it by wearing pink underwear. [It shows their soft side]

What do you wear with pink jeans?

the best thing to wear with pink jeans would be all star's and a white t-shirt or top never wear pink with pink that would just look awlfull its like saying wear black with black with black with black never do it a frend of mine said if you wear one colour dont wear it again that day you need to loo ( Full Answer )

What to wear to get a boy when you are a tom boy?

Well i am also a tomboy and i have a really cute, sweet boyfriend who accepts me for who i am. The main thing to focus on is it really shouldn't matter what you wear he should like you for who you are. If he doesn't well then he doesn't deserve you! But anyways back to your question, instead of wear ( Full Answer )

Why do NFL players wear pink?

NFL players sport the color pink throughout the month of October to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink is the de facto color for breast cancer awareness, ever since pink ribbons were handed out at the 1991 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in New York City.

Why do you wear pink?

because if you wear pink it helps make a cure for the woman that has breast cancer

Is pink girl color or a boy?

Traditionally, pink was for baby girls and blue was for baby boys.Yellow was for either. No one is required to adhere to thattradition, though.