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Bunnies should not be bathed. If something gets on them from being in your home, like honey, use a warm cloth to clean them, do not get them fully wet. Bunnies to not naturally bathe as a method of cleaning and it can be extremely upsetting to them.

I have had bunnies for over 20 years and have only twice had to bathe a bunny, once beacuse a sick child threw up all over the poor bunny while snuggling with her.

We bathed the bunny in our kitchen with the lights turned low, a towel in the bottom of a large sink so they didn't feel like they were slipping at anytime and used as little water as possible. We did not fill the sink, but rather ran the water over them as we removed the bits and cleaned her up. They can become very upset by bathing so being as calm and quiet as possible during the bath (again, only if absolutely necessary) is helpful.

Because they are crazy about bananas, we gave them each a few inches of banana after the bath as a reward.

Word to the wise, do not let a sick child snuggle up with a bunny!

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