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Can butterflies chew their food?

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Butterflies do not chew their food, but eat by their proboscis or tongue. The proboscis helps the butterflies to suck the nectar from flowers.

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Can butterflies chew food why?

it can?

Do butterflies have teeth to bite and chew food?

No butterflys do not have teeth and do not chew their food but they have a tongue that they can drink from

Can butterflies chew food?

A butterfly is the mature (final) stage of the life cycle of the insect. Butterflies can sip nectar but their mouth parts can not chew food. In the immature stages butterfly caterpillars do have mouth parts for chewing food and they do indeed chew food.

True or false butterflies have teeth to chew and bite their food?


True or falseButterflies have teeth to bite and chew their food?

False, butterflies do not have teeth.

Do butterflies chew?

Butterflies do not have teeth so therefore they cannot chew. They exist on a liquid diet of nectar and water that they suck up through a tube called a proboscis.

What adaptation does a hawk use to chew food?

A hawk has a beak and therefore can not chew food, to chew food you need teeth to chew with.

Why can't fish chew on food?

Fish can chew on food, they can only chew on small soft pieces because the have small teeth that let the chew their food.

Do they chew their food?

seahorses do not chew their food because they do not have teeth

Do alligators chew there food?

yes they do chew there food until it is the size they want it. but some alligator dont chew ther food.

What do teeth do to your food when you chew?

it helps you chew it helps you chew

Does a shark chew its food?

Sharks don't chew their food as they don't have molars (chewing teeth) to chew with.

Do people chew food?

It is recommended that humans chew their food thoroughly.

Butterflies are in what part or level of a food chain?

butterflies are part of the food chain

What happen to food that you chew?

Happen to the food is melted the food and it soft that soften the food answer 1.melted 2.soften 3.chew and chew the food become small.

How do flies butterflies and beetles get food?

butterflies get their food by sucking nector from flowers.beetles get their food by sucking blood.

How do butterflies taste their food?

butterflies taste their food from their feelers and see if its ok to eat.

Can butterflies taste their food?

Yes, butterflies are able to taste their food. They do so with their feet.

Can butterfly chew why?

Butterflies suck up nectar from flowers using their tube-like mouth part. They do not have teeth, so can't chew!

Do dolphins chew their food?

No dolphins chew their food. They just use their teeth to grasp food and then they swallow it.

What do dolphins us their teeth for do they chew their food?

they use their teeth to grab their food and they don't chew their food

Why do you have joints in the skull?

So you can chew your food and talk. So you can chew your food and talk.

How do moray eels chew their food?

they dont chew there food they much it up in there mouth

These are used to chew the food?

The side teeth known as molars are used to chew food.

Do animals chew their food?

Depending on what kind of animal you are talking about, the answer varies. Most animals do chew their food. Animals such as snakes, dolphins, lizards, birds, and insect-eating bats do not chew their food. MABYE animals somtimes chew their food, but they usally gulp it. MABYE animals somtimes chew their food, but they usally gulp it.

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