Can cannabis ever be legal?

Yes, but it will take a lot of work on the part of activists and concerned citizens. The matrix of greed, disinformation, corporate and power interests, lack of media attention, harsh penalties for use and distribution, and fear on the part of the general user to speak up, keep this failed prohibition in place.

The best way for those of us who wish to see the laws changed is to support organizations like Americans for Safe Access, Patients Out of Time, LEAP (law enforcement against prohibition) MPP, (marijuana policy project, NORML (national organization for the reform of marijuana laws) by getting on their mailing list for action alerts, and donating time and money.

If we can get the Federal laws changed, this would open the way for more research to be done on the incredible medicinal potential of cannabis. As far back as 1974 cannabis was shown to shrink tumors, and kill cancer cells. Many researchers want to study the healing qualities of cannabis, but are denied access to cannabis for the studies, by the US Govt. monopoly on legal supply.

As you may have heard, in spite of the rhetoric to the contrary, the United States Government knows full well the medicinal benefits of cannabis, and in 2003 a patent (#6,630,507), based on studies done at the National Inst. of Health, was awarded, not by, but TO the US Dept. of Health and Human Services. This patent states, unequivocally, that cannabinoids are useful in the PREVENTION and TREATMENT of a wide variety of diseases, including stroke, trauma, auto-immune disorders, HIV dementia, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. If everyone who was interested in ending cannabis prohibition, downloaded, printed and sent a copy of the first page of this patent to their respective elected representatives, the mere volume of evidence and public pressure would bring about change. These guys do want to get re-elected, after all. And when they perceive that the public is truly ready to end criminalization of cannabis, then it will become legal again.

By, the way, about 70% of the US population supports decriminalization. Eventually the politicians will catch up.