Cats (Felines)

Can cats be bad?

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Yes. My cat knock over cups, meows all night every night, and hides in covers. he likes to scrach people.

Definatley. Cats are selfish, they don't care what you say, they cough up hairballs, and make people bleed. They are lazy, and they would leave you to die if you house was burning. They hiss alot, and are not loyal. They would trade you in for a can of tuna.

DOGS are better by a LONG SHOT!

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Are cats good guys or bad guys?

Good guys, they are cats

Are cats bad or good?

cats are good

Is chocolate pudding bad for cats?

yes! any chocolate is very bad for cats,and dogs.

Are most cats good or bad?


How much caffeine is bad for cats?

really any caffeine is bad for cats, but you (if you have to) can give them a tiny bit.

Are white cats bad or good luck?

good luck, since black cats are bad luck.

What type of behavior does cats have?

Cats does have furry bad behaviours.

What vegetables are bad for cats?

Onions, broccoli, and potatoes are vegetables that are bad for cats. Cats should also not be given grapes, raisins, milk, and raw meat.

Does milk cause worms in cats?

it could milk is bad for cats cats are lactos and tolerate

Is hemp string bad for cats?

Any type of string is bad for cats. The string can get caught in their intestine tract and kill them.

Which cats are supposedly bad luck?

Black cats are often considered to be bad luck. However, this has not been proven to be correct.

Can cats bring bad luck?

The myth that cats bring bad luck is only a myth--millions of cat owners worldwide would say cats are wonderful pets!

Is chocolate bad for cats?


Is sugar water bad for cats?


What are black cats a Halloween symbol?

Black Cats symbol bad luck

Is henna bad for cats?

Henna is not advised to be applied on cats. Although it is natural, it can cause irritation and infection on cats.

Can cats bring good luck?

You already got an answer! You're just fishing for the one you want. Cats are the most demonic creatures on the face of the Earth, everybody knows that they guard the gates to hell. The only thing cats bring is bad luck! what are you saying cats don`t bring bad luck were did you read that thing anyway. sure some people say bad things about black cats but they are not bad luck I ran two times at least into black cats and guess what no bad luck.

Do cats have dandruff?

Yes.This can be caused by bad hygiene or bad diet.

Are cats good or bad?

bad Its is an opinion but personally I think good.

Why is that black cats cause bad luck and not science?

Cats dont bring bad luck some people are hust superstitious and think this.

What about white cats are they good luck or bad luck and what does it mean if they keep trying to come into your house?

there is no good and bad luck on cats. color doesnt matter on the fur. all cats do tat.

Is it bad to feed cats milk?

Yes, because cats are often lactose intolerant

Why do cats fart smell bad?

because they do

Is a cats hairball bad?

No. Hairballs are usual.

What is the tapeworm in cats?

a tapeworm is a parasite, BAD!

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