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Ceramic tile can be installed over any non-compressible solid, non-flexible surface, but in areas of high moisture or possible water penetration, a cementious or water impermeable backer should be used to prevent rot.

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Q: Can ceramic tile be installed without concrete backer board?
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Is it necessary to lay backer board before you lay ceramic tile on the floor?

Yes on wood, no on smooth solid concrete

Can ceramic tile be installed over quarter inch concrete backer board rather than half inch if the underlayment is a three quarter inch 7 layer flooring grade plywood?

Yes it can. That seems a very satisfactory way to do it.

How is concrete backer board used?

Concrete backer board is usually used as an under layment for ceramic tile. It can be used on walls, floors or countertops. It has a solid core and is faced on both sides with fiberglass. It's an ideal under layment for wet areas like shower walls and bathtub surrounds, and is typically mold resitant.

Can ceramic tiles be laid on top of laminate wood flooring?

No. If you want to lay tile on top of anything other than concrete, you need to install a backer board like Hardi Backer. If the laminate floor is a floating floor (ie: Pergo) then you will have to take that all up first and then install your backer board. If you don't install a backer board and the sub floor underneath the tile is able to expand/contract or shift, the tile may break and the grout will crack.

How do you install ceramic tile over vinyl tile?

It is best to remove the vinyl tile. If it is not on cement and is on wood you can install cement backer board. Be sure to put thin set under the board. If you spend the money and time to install ceramic tile and the vinyl tile comes loose all that $ is down the drain What is the best tile cement to use and this cement tile can be installed on vinyl tile and install ceramic tile on it

What kind of plywood do you used for laying ceramic tile?

Ceramic tile should always be layed over a cement-type board or board made specifically as tile backer. Plywood is not moisture resistant and may delaminate.

Can Tyvek house wrap be installed over backer board that is attached directly to the sheathing or should it be installed directly over the sheathing and the backer board over it?

If you are talking about a fiber cement backer board, the manufacturer of the board should provide the answer you are after. I am currently using Hardiplank to reside my house, and the manufacturer recommends attacheing the TyVek house wrap to the wood sheathing per TyVeks recommended process. Hope this helps.

What type of saw blade would you use in a circular saw for cutting a quarter inch backer board?

a concrete or masonry blade

You took the old tile off the bathroom how do you take the old glue off?

Pull it off with pliers if that's easy. If not, cut out the backer board and renew it. It should be done when new tiles are done anyway. Use a fibre or concrete backer board, NOT wallboard.

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