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not likely. it is very very common and normal for women to have mucus a few days before their period starts. i usually always do.

2006-09-20 16:16:35
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Q: Can cervical mucus after ovulation be an indicator that conception occured?
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Is mucus from ovulation and luteal phase still present after sperm forms with egg?

I've been researching everything I possible could on the internet about pregnancy. Lots of sights have said that you could still have cervical fluid even after conception has occured. One lady answered this question a while back saying she had more cervical fluid after she confirmed pregnancy.

Is a pregnancy test reliable 6 days after ovulation during which conception might have occured?

Your test kit should tell you when it should be used to give the most reliable result.

What position should a womens cervix be in after conception?

There is no specific "position" for the cervix to be in, if conception has occured. It will vary from woman to woman, and should not be relied upon to determine conception and pregnancy.

If your due date is January 2nd when would conception have occured?

i think around April...

Did facial nerve palsy occured with cervical lymphangioma?

Surgery at young age, i.e. iatrogenic

If a gestational age is 7 weeks 4 days what is the date of conception?

The gestational age is counting from the first day of your last menstrual period. Therefore if you have a normal 28 day cycle than conception would have occured sometime during the week 5 weeks and 4 days ago. Conception occurs at ovulation which occurs (in a woman with a 28 day cycle) at around cd14 through cd20. Using this method you can pinpoint (within days) when conception was most likely to occur.

I dont know when my last lmp was or when the conception occured i know my due date is May 9 2008. I made a mistake and cheated on my husband on August 122007. i need to know exact conception date?

id say in July would be conception cuz if you count from august to may that's ten months!! Id say that conception occured around August 17th. In order to calculate the date of conception, Google 'how to calculate dates of conception' Healthlink is the best site, they allow u to calculate backwards from your due date to conception.

How do you know you are ovulating?

there are signs such as increased discharge that is clear and stretchy. lower back or ab pains can be a sign. charting and taking your BBT every day can help to pinpoint when ovulation occured.

July 28th 2009 due date around when would conception occured?

between November and the middle of December

When is the right time to take a pregnancy test if periods are irregular and it is unknown when ovulation occured?

10 to 12 days after sex.

When is the ovulation day of a 38 day cycle?

Ovulation typically opccurs 14 days before menstruation, thus during a 38 day cycle ovulation likely occured on day on day 24 - a woman cannot know for sure when she ovulated unless using fertility awareness method or ovulation testing kits.

A solid quickly forms when two liquids are combined is that indicator of a chemical reaction?

Yes a state change has occured.

What is the average age girls can become pregnant?

Women and girls can become pregnant once they are ovulating. It is generally assumed that the indicator of ovulation is menarche, or the start of the menstrual cycle. However, this does not mean that ovulation has occured for all women. Up to 50% do not ovulate until a year after menarche. One possible indicator is that the menstrual cycle is regular and consistent in flow.It is also possible for some people to ovulate before menarche, meaning pregnancy could occur before any menstruation has occurred.The average age of menarche is more obvious than the age of ovulation, so most studies look at this age rather than that of ovulation. These studies show that the age of menarche in societies where people are well nourished is on average about 13 and in poorer societies 15.

How can you know that sperm meet the egg?

To know if conception occured you have to wait until the woman misses her period and takes a pregnancy test to confirm.

Can girls still get pregnant even if their ovulation hasn't occured yet?

Ovulation must occur in order for a woman to get pregnant. However sperm can life anywhere from 3 to 7 days inside the vagina. So if you ovulate during that time you can become pregnant.

Why is iodine called an idicator?

Iodine is called an indicator because when iodine is in a substance that was sprayed it indicates that diffusion has occured by the smell spreading in the room.

When are you 1 DPO?

The first day you see a spike/increase in your BBT could be the first DPO. But it needs to remain high for a few days to confirm that ovulation has occured.

When would you ovulate if you period started June 19 and ended June 25?

Typically ovulation occurs 14 days before menstruation, thus ovulation likely occured on June 5th - but unless you use fertility awareness methods you cannot know for sure.

What happens if you ejaculate inside her while she is pregnant?

Nothing. Conception has already occured. Consult with her/your doctor, but in normal, healthy adults, sex while pregnant is not harmful or dangerous.

When you finish nursing a child do you have to wait to get your period to start birth control?

As long as you aren't nursing anymore, you can start whenever, here's the catch. If you start your birth control right after your period it is effective almost immediately (check with the brand of pill you are using) because ovulation hasn't occured yet, if you start the pill any other time it is not considered effective until after your next period as ovulation may have already occured thus you could become pregnant, again.

Your due date is dec 26 2007 when did you conceive?

Your rough conception date would be April 3rd 2006, give or take a few days. However, it is very difficult to accurately say when conception occured. Therefore, I suggest speaking to your doctor, midwife or obstetrician about it because they can give you a better idea.

When did you conceive if your due date is January 23 2010?

Your rough conception date would be May 1st 2009, give or take a few days. However, it is very difficult to accurately say when conception occured. Therefore, I suggest speaking to your doctor, midwife or obstetrician about it because they can give you a better idea.

Is it possible for an US to be off by four weeks how will you know if you conceived the end of 1 month or the end of another US says that conception occured the end of February could it be end of Jan?

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Which of the following is a definite indicator that a chemical change has occured?

Some indicators of a chemical reaction are change in temperature, formation of a gas, formation of light, formation of a precipitate, and color change.

If your due date is June seventh when did you get pregnant?

June 7th 2010? Your rough conception date would be September 13th, give or take a few days. However, it is very difficult to accurately say when conception occured. Therefore, I suggest speaking to your doctor, midwife or obstetrician about it because they can give you a better idea.