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ABSOLUTELY NOT! Our teeth are designed for chewing. If anyone has told you, this they are lying to your face.

No: teeth have a sort of "memory" that keeps the roots in one particular place. Even if something really hard such as a jawbreaker was chewed, the tooth would most likely not shift.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:21:25
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Q: Can chewing food make your teeth crooked?
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Does losing weight make your teeth crooked?

No losing weight doesn't have anything to do with crooked teeth! LOL!

Can kissing make your teeth crooked?

absolutely not.

Does chewing gum help make teeth cleaner?

No! It damages our teeth and make it as dirty

Does sucking your finger make crooked teeth?

no be think so.

Does chewing gum help make your teeth whiter?

Some types of chewing gums can help make your teeth whiter. These types of gum are those that are sugarless and made for teeth whitening. They produce more saliva to wash away food particles and are slightly more abrasive so they can clean stains better.

How can you make your teeth crooked?

Suck on your thumb. It really does work! I know this because when my friend was young she use to suck on her thumb and her teeth are crooked now. You have to put your thumb behind your two front teeth.

Why is there tooth?

there is know tooth fairy or santa or easter bunny kids . A tooth is for chewing food. Baby teeth fall out to make way for permanent teeth.

Why baby food is soft and mushy?

Babies are generally born without teeth. They learn the mechanics of chewing with their gums first, then the teeth make it easier as time goes on.

What is the best chewing gum for your teeth?

I recommend that any chewing gum that have Xylitol in it! Chewing gum really helps to clean out your teeth and make your breath go away. It cleans the little bits of bacterium in your teeth that you cannot see even though people say it is bad for your teeth it is not!

What does chewing gum do to your teeth?

Chewing gum can damage your teeth because the sugars in gum can make it a great place for bacteria. You should try to chew sugarless gum.

How can a pacifier make teeth crooked?

A pacifier, particularly a poorly designed pacifier, can alter the shape of the palate (roof of the mouth) which in turn will affect how the teeth erupt into the mouth. Fortunately, if the teeth are crooked, this can be corrected during adolescence with orthodontic treatment.

How do you make your wisdom teeth grow straight when there is no second molar?

Unfortunately, there is no way to "make" your wisdom teeth grow in straight. If your other teeth are straight, then they may grow in straight. If you have a tendency towards crooked teeth, they they may grow crooked too. The good news is that not everyone has to have them removed if they grow in crooked. If there is sufficient room and they will not cause problems with the other teeth, they may not have to be removed. With no 2nd molar, there might be enough room that they do not have to be removed. The best person to make this determination is your dentist.

Why are camel teeth so crooked?

Camels don't make very good dentists.

Why does Niall wear braces?

he had crooked teeth he wanted it to make it straight by wearing braces

Will chewing your food more fasten the digestion process?

Yes, chewing your food will make the digestion process faster.

Why do milk teeth fall out?

they have to fall out in order to make room for permanent teeth, if they did not, you could wind up with a terrible overcrowding condition and crooked permanent teeth.

How do you make your teeth crooked before the dentist?

You don't. Why would you even want to? Braces are NOT fun.

How is food broken down mechanically in the mouth?

Food is broken down in the mouth by the chewing action. Different types of teeth are involved. Some teeth mash the food and some shred the food. Te purpose is to make the food pieces smaller and increase the amount of surface area of food that are exposed to saliva and stomach juices to speed the digestive process.

Can crooked teeth affect a model?

It might make you look less attractive, but I have seen models with bad teeth. As long as you're not a dental model.

If you have crocked teeth will you still have a job husband and kids?

Yes. Teeth are not the only thing people look for in a significant other. Although crooked teeth can make it tougher to find someone.

Why chewing is important?

Chewing is important because you want to make sure that your food is small enough to swallow. If your food is not small enough, you may choke.

How do you make yourself get braces?

If you actually want braces, you're crazy. p.s. you need crooked teeth to get braces.

What food will make your jaw stop hurting?

some food which is like chewing gum or jelly

Why do you need to remove the wisdom teeth?

Because sometimes you don't have enough room in your mouth for them. And sometimes, if they were allowed to grow in, they would push your other teeth out of the way and make them crooked.

Why do you grind your teeth?

when you are in some sort of stress during your day you grind your teeth in your sleep or it has to do with a habbit of yours but to let you kno wyou gutta stop doing it couseit can harm your teeth badly and make it crooked