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Can chewing food make your teeth crooked?


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2015-07-15 21:21:25
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ABSOLUTELY NOT! Our teeth are designed for chewing. If anyone has told you, this they are lying to your face.

No: teeth have a sort of "memory" that keeps the roots in one particular place. Even if something really hard such as a jawbreaker was chewed, the tooth would most likely not shift.


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No losing weight doesn't have anything to do with crooked teeth! LOL!

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No! It damages our teeth and make it as dirty

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Babies are generally born without teeth. They learn the mechanics of chewing with their gums first, then the teeth make it easier as time goes on.

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Some types of chewing gums can help make your teeth whiter. These types of gum are those that are sugarless and made for teeth whitening. They produce more saliva to wash away food particles and are slightly more abrasive so they can clean stains better.

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Suck on your thumb. It really does work! I know this because when my friend was young she use to suck on her thumb and her teeth are crooked now. You have to put your thumb behind your two front teeth.

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