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No you will get really sick it's already been exposed to bacteria.

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Q: Can chicken that has been fully cooked and frozen be thawed and then refrozen?
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Can frozen cheese be thawed then cooked then refrozen?


Can venison be refrozen?

Raw meat, whether venison or beef or any other type, can be frozen once. If frozen raw meat is thawed, it should be cooked and eaten, or cooked and refrozen. Once cooked venison is thawed it should not be refrozen.

Can chili be refrozen after being cooked then frozen and then thawed again?


If chop meat was frozen then cooked can it be refrozen?

Food which has been cooked can be frozen, even if it was frozen prior to cooking. BUT Frozen food which has been thawed, but not cooked, should never be re-frozen. Nor should food which was cooked, frozen and thawed.

Can you refreeze cooked poultry?

Yes. Foods that have been frozen and thawed can be refrozen after cooking.

Can thawed chicken be refrozen?

Not safely.

Can thawed beef liver be refrozen?

NO meat products should be refrozen , once thawed it should be cooked immediately, then it may be refrozen , as long as when it was frozen the first time it stayed frozen for not much longer than 6 months. This is the recommended time limit for most frozen meat products.

Can ducks be refrozen?

nothing should be "refrozen." once something is frozen and thawed it really needs to be cooked or you'd be running the risk of food poisoning

Can you eat frozen chicken nuggets that have been thawed and refrozen?

yes but make sure to cook the meat

Can ham that has been cooked or smoked then frozen be refrozen after being thawed and warmed?

Yes, but it is best to only do this once.

How long is frozen chicken good when thawed in the refrigerator?

Thawed chicken should be cooked within 1 to 2 days.

If frozen fish thaws can it be frozen again?

No, when frozen fish has completely thawed once it should be cooked straight away.After it has been cooked it can be refrozen again as a cooked meal, but should again only be frozen and thawed once. See the link below for more information about defrosting frozen fish

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