Child Support
Income Garnishment

Can child support enforcement Garnish wages from 2 different jobs even if the first job is paying the correct amount?


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Sounds like a legal question. Seems it depends on the situation. If your first job is paying the correct amount, the second job should not take out support. Its not up to your second job to decide. Depends on if court ordered or administratively done by support enforcement. I would contact the agency if so and have them research this. If it were me, I would terminate the second wage withholding. If the first job is taking out the correct amount ordered and if any arrearage amount too. Sounds like this is two part time jobs, which makes a worker feel that you could not earn enough wages for the first job to deduct full amount. I believe the witholdings are also based on percentage if not enough wages to deduct. I would actually go talk with the clerk of court (whom ever done the wage assignment or go to the child support agency who implemented the withholding)The worker can review your payments and see if the second withholding needs to be terminated. Its your responsibility to go talk with them.