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Yes they can.

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Q: Can child support in Massachusetts seize or put a lien on a house even if the house has two owners?
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Can child support put a lien on your house for back child support?

Yes they can put a lien on the house. Just had to do it about three years ago because I had not gotten support in years.

Can a ex-husband make demands for the wifes house for back child support in Mexico?

The State child support agency can file a lien on the house.

Does the father have to pay arreas child support if the child moves out of the house current child support is all paid child is 21 only owes the arreas?


Can you legally kick your 15-year-old child out of the house in Massachusetts?

no Of course not.

Can a wife gets child support from her husband even if they live in the same house?

No. Child support is paid by absent parents.

Can an 18 year old child get child support from a parent after leaving the house on their own in NY?

No. Child support is owed to the parent or other caretaker with whom the child lives.

How do you emancipate a child from child support?

Children are not "emancipated" from child support. They are "entitled" to financial support by the non-custodial parent. In general, children become emancipated by leaving their parent(s)' house and becoming self-supporting. Child support is usually not due for an emancipated child.

A dad owes child support will the take his house?


Can someone buy a house if spouse owes back child support?

Hopefully your credit history will carry the day so that you can finance the house. Otherwise, wait until the child support is paid up.

Can child support put a lien on your house if your husband's name is not on it and he owes the child support and the house is in your name?

Only if the married couple reside in a community property state and the property was bought during the marriage.

Can lien be placed on a vehicle for back child support in Ohio?

Yes, major assets such as a car or a house can be seized in order to pay child support.

How should you request for extra money for child support?

Go to your local court house and talk to the secretary or clerk and ask for forms to fill out to ask for an increase in child support. Petition the judge to increase child support.

If receiving child support from ex do you have to pay for clothing for the kids for when they are at dads house?

Your ex is paying CHILD SUPPORT so you can SUPPORT your KIDS. Your ex would be paying for the clothing no matter what.

Can an ex wife sue father of her child for the new wifes house for back child support?

The State can place a lien on the house if the father is on the title.

You were paying child support and the child's mother married bought a house had another baby an had child support enforcement take your driver's license and tax return for the last 3 years She has a g?


Can child support put a lien on your house if your husband is on the title but not the loan?


What do you do if you are the non custodial parent paying child support and the mother of the child drops him off at your house and leaves and have not heard from her for over six months?

You should have gone to file for immediate custody as well as child support to be stopped after not hearing from the mother after a week. Your best chance would have been to inform the child support agency and the family law office at the court house what has happened and they can help you.

When was Massachusetts State House created?

Massachusetts State House was created in 1798.

Does the father have the right to know where child support is going in Illinois?

No. Sad but true. The parent receiving the support does not have to provide proof of how it is being spent. Child support is in place to help house, feed, clothe and educate the child. If it pays an electric bill, then that is what it pays.

Is it an inheritance when one of three owners of a house in a Survivorship Agreement dies?

Answer: If the survivorship was set forth in the deed, a joint tenancy, the passing of title to the other joint owners is not an inheritance. In Massachusetts is would be a non-probate asset.

In Indiana what do you have to do to stop paying child support on children when they are of legal age?

Go to court house with a certified copy of the child's birth certificate a few weeks or a month before their 21st birthday and they will get the child support stopped.

Do i have to pay child support if my 17 year old child left her mother's house 4 months ago in Florida?

You are obligated to pay child support until the court notifies you otherwise. Petition the court to have this rectified.

can child support stop when child moves out of the house?

Not unless the child is age of majority (usually 18) in your state. Moving out does not emancipate them and until then you are obligated to support them. A minor can also not move out without your consent and you are still responsible for what they do.

Can you live in boyfriends house in LEIU of child support?

"lieu" ... only with the court's approval

If father is paying child support to mother of child but mother's parents are raising child and the mother does not live in the parents house can child support instead be paid to those raising child?

Yes, but you need to be the child's legal guardian. I am raising my two grandkids. Their mother does not live in my house. I collect child support from my ex son-in-law for his and my daughters 2 children. I went to the Department of Human Services with a copy of my custody paper and they set it up so that I get the support payments from him. My daughter however, does not pay support to us. I think the state is just now going after her for support. But, yes it can be done. Check with your local Department of Human Services, or whatever the equivalent is in your area. Good luck.