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In fact, alot of research has shown that having joints that do not move properly, or do not move enough, can cause Arthritis. Chiropractic treatments often involve restoring normal motion to the joints. This means, regular chiropractic treatment may in fact reduce the chance of getting arthritis in the neck, or any other area, because it keeps joints moving properly.

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Q: Can chiropractors cause arthritis in the neck?
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What is degenerative arthritis of the neck?

Degenerative arthritis of the neck is where the disc between the vertabrae begin to thin and the cartilage begin to weaken. This can cause pain and numbness in the shoulders arms and hands.

Does cracking your neck lead to arthritis?

No, cracking your neck does not lead to arthritisyou donkey.

What is the difference between Cervicalgia and arthritis?

Cervicalgia means simply a pain in the neck. cervic- means neck and -algia means pain.Arthritis is the inflammation of a joint caused by various disorders and diseases. arthr- means joint and -itis means inflammation. Arthritis can be in any joint - your finger, hip, neck, knee, etc.Arthritis could cause cervicalgia if it is located in the spine at the level of the vertebrae in the neck. But, other things can also cause cervicalgia, such as trauma and whiplash, sprain or strain, stress and tension, etc. and not only arthritis.Cervicalgia would be the symptom, and arthritis would be one condition that could cause that symptom.

Can arthritis cause morning stiffness in left side back of head and neck?


How do chiropractors remove the hump on the back of the neck?

Chiropractors have many different ways of dealing with neck problems. One way is through manual manipulation. Simply put, they pop your neck bones back in place using their hands.

Can you really get arthritis in your neck if you crack it to much?

No you can not get arthritis if you crack your neck to much. Though, your neck will be loocking down for the rest of your life.

What can cause arthritis of the neck?

The exact cause of arthritis in most cases is unknown. but it is most likely that the arthritis in the neck is caused by either wear and tear, trauma/ accident as would be the case in osteoarthritis. or there may be an autoimmune problem leading to the destruction of joints as in the case of rheumatoid arthritis. It would be wise to check out what particular condition you are suffering from as ignoring some arthritic conditions , especially rheumatoid arthritis can lead to extensive joint destruction without treatment.

What can arthritis cause?

Bacteria such as Gonococcus can cause arthritis.

What can cause Arthritis?

Bacteria such as Gonococcus can cause Arthritis.

Does petchay cause arthritis?

At this point the cause for arthritis is not known.

Are tomatoes cause of arthritis?


What to do about arthritis in head and neck?

There are several things that you can do about arthritis in the head and neck. Physical therapy can be helpful. Your doctor can also prescribe medications to ease the pain.

Back of the neck -pain?

there are several cervical spine conditions that may cause neck pain, arm pain and other symptoms, including:• Foraminal stenosis• Stenosis with myelopathy• Cervical osteoarthritis• Cervical degenerative disc diseaseAdditionally, there are several miscellaneous causes of upper extremity pain related to conditions of the cervical spine.Arthritis of the Neck - Cervical SpondylosisCervical Spondylosis is more readily understood as arthritis of the neck. A common condition, cervical spondylosis affects a large portion of the population, especially seniors, a condition chiropractors offer great relief for.You can read more about this topic here...

What is the cause of chronic arthritis?

At this point the cause of arthritis is still not understood.

Does high dose lipitor cause arthritis?

The cause for arthritis is unknown

Does arthritis in head cause blindness?

Can arthritis in head cause blindness

Can cervical arthritis be the cause of frequent headaches?

Cervical arthritis can cause a type of headach called cervicogenic (originating in the neck). Furthermore, it can sometimes act as a trigger for Migraine attacks. For appropriate diagnosis and treatment of your headache disorder, see a qualified headache specialist.

Can shingles cause arthritis?

No. Shingles can not cause arthritis. They are entirely different diseases.

Can chiropractors help arthritis?

Chiropractors are well trained in the pathology, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of arthritis.Chiropractors may be able to help someone that is suffering from osteoarthritis by providing spinal manipulation or deep tissue therapy that can help relieve the associated pain and inflammation. Further, chiropractors can help by giving nutritional, suplementation or excercise advice that can help reduce pain, inflammation and/or joint space reductions.If the condition is rheumatoid arthritis, then all of the above will still apply, except for spinal manipulation, which itself is not a treatment for rheumatoid arthritisand should not be performedThus, the treatment of arthritis by a chiropractor is often judged on a case-by-case basis, and only your chiropractor will be able to tell you how much he/she can help.There is some research that suggests that keeping joints moving properly throughout life (by being active, and perhaps with regular chiropractic care) may reduce the liklihood of getting arthritis in the first place.

Can you get arthritis in your throat?

Arthritis is a condition, not an illness, or a contagious or infectious disease. Arthritis affects the bones, but not tissue or muscles. Therefore, a person can have arthritis in the cervical spine (the neck) but not the throat.

Can rheumatoid arthritis cause Secondary vasculitis?

Rheumatoid arthritis can cause Secondary vasculitis

Can rheumatoid arthritis cause tachycardia?

No. However rhuematoid arthritis can cause heart damage.

Can fifth disease cause arthritis?

No there is no known connection. The cause for arthritis is as yet not known.

Does cracking your neck cause arthritis?

No. the causes of aarthritis is not as yet known in most cases it is unlikely that this would cause the problem. however if there is arthritic damage already it may exacerbate the problem.

What can cause arthritis to be in all your bones and blood?

At present the exact cause of arthritis is unknown however the cause for many forms of arthritis is carried in the immune system by the blood.