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they most certainly can alot of relationships start this way if your close with that person then they no you and will feel comfortable with you

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2012-05-23 12:24:32
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Q: Can close friends become lovers
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How do you make a fish?

Simple you get a fish become close friends with it then become lovers and then make love with it [SEX!]. and then two weeks you have a fish. CONGRATS! ha! jayna and kristie are beastly.

Is Oprah Winfrey and gale king lovers?

I dont think so they are friends like sister, Its sad that everytime female are close friends with other females they are lovers when man are close friends its okay, Please we have more down low men than anything. so no i think they are just friends

Were john Wayne and mareen o'hara ever lovers?

No one knows, but they were very close friends.

When was Friends Can Be Lovers created?

Friends Can Be Lovers was created in 1992.

Can girls cuddle with other girls?

Yes. If they are close friends or lovers, sure. But don't go cuddling someone you just became friends with.

Who song the song where the lyrics went that's how strangers become friend and then friends to lovers?


What does it mean when a guy tries to become friends with your friends?

He is trying to get close to you

How can social networking websites lead to marital affairs?

Any medium that can be used for communication can, in theory, become a tool for marital affairs. Spouses can meet old friends or lovers, or meet new friends and become lovers. The site can be used to arrange the affairs.

Can you be friends then lovers then friends again?

T ===

Can friends be lovers?

If your lover isn't your best friend then you are doing something wrong.

How do you get someone you like to like you back?

Become close friends with him\her.

In what countries have Lovers and Friends by Usher performed?

Lovers & Friends by Usher has been performed in many countries outside of the United States. Lovers & Friends has been performed in Malaysia, Canada, and England.

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