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QUESTION does cocaine ever go bad?

ANSWER If stored improperly, yes. Cocaine is extremely hydrophilic, and will absorb a noticeable amount of moisture (among other elements) if exposed to open air for more than a few days or a week. If "left out," the cocaine may take on a yellow or brown tint.

To properly store cocaine, seal it in a container after removing as much air as possible, and put this in a cool place (out of sunlight). Silica packets and other methods are sometimes used to remove excess moisture from the surrounding air. Some suggest the refrigerator because it contains extremely dry air.

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The free-base cocaine is obtained, a more strong drug.

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How bad is cocaine?

its better for you then aspirin unless you overdose

What can crack cocaine do to babys?

When AA baby is born with cocaine in there system they go thru withdrawals.

How does crack cocain effect your behavior?

When you used crack cocaine it affect your behavior by doing cocaine and doing bad things and a lot of people who is drunk or used cocaine their brain will forget what happen.

What are some types of drugs that are bad?

Meth, Cocaine, Pot That's All Weed,Reggie,Exotic Is Not As Bad..

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by stopping what you're doing or go to a hospital and really enjoy the life instead of cocaine

What happens if i mix trazodone with cocaine?

Considering cocaine can kill you in one go, I'm assuming nothing good.

Is coffee bad for you health?

Actually yes because it has cocaine and its also addicting, its like drugs,alcohol,and cigars its bad.

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go to a rehab center

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when they go to jail for doing something bad? The early eighties with the introduction of Cocaine was a major changing point, but the problem existed decades prior to that.

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Diana tried cocaine once but had such a bad experience that she vowed never to touch it again, according to her psychic friend Simone Simmons.

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It is slang for a kilogram of cocaine, which is 36 ounces or just a little over 2 pounds. Or in other is BAD NEWS any way you cut it!!!

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Smoking, drinking, cocaine, bad diet

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cocaine, marijuana, alcohol

Is cocaine bad for you?

Yes, very much so!!! Its known as an illegal drug; that should tell you right there that it can't be good for you. Use of cocaine without a prescription results in you being thrown into jail. Jail is bad. cocaine is a schedule 1 drug, meaning there is no prescribing it to people anymore, back in the early 1900's it was prescribed, along with heroin, but not anymore.

Why was coke bad for you?

they actually used to put cocaine in coke hince the name coka-cola

What is Sherlock Holmes' bad habit?

When he was bored he tended to use a 7% solution of cocaine.

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Albert Einstein was on cocaine. DRUGS ARE BAD KIDS! xD

Can you mix Xanax with cocaine?

Yes, make sure you know your limits. anything in excess in bad. as far as doing it, usually you do cocaine first, than the xanax to knock you out. cocaine users do this somtimes because it is hard to sleep afterwards.

Been up 3 days doing cocaine is this bad?

this is bad, you are just degrading your brain more and starting down a long path of addiction

Did leland Chapman go to jail for cocaine?

I dont know but he did go to jail because of drugs

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cocaine was first put into coca cola in 1903 by a man named john pembeton he did not think that it was such a bad thing and he only wanted to make people better.

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yes & no because it slows down the effectiveness