Can condo owner sue the HOA for over increase association fee?

Of course, anyone can sue anyone else for almost any reason.

In this case, however, when you sue an HOA in which you own property, you're suing yourself.

If you are unhappy with your assessments, there are different and potentially more effective ways to make your discomfort known, and otherwise work to minimize annual increases in your assessments.
  • Read your governing documents to understand how to vote against your annual budget.
  • Become involved in the finance committee so that you can review invoices and most fully understand the expenses required to operate your association.
  • Volunteer to help find appropriate vendors who charge less, or do more for the same fee.
  • Run for office and work with other owners on your board with a goal to holding assessments level, year-over-year.
  • Volunteer to demonstrate your pride of ownership by taking on tasks currently being completed by vendors -- where your governing documents allow owners those options