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Herniated disks occur when we're older because the disk material starts to get old too. It gets less flexible and sometimes when we lift, even something that isn't that heavy, the disk will rupture. If it pushes out, you probably won't even notice it or feel very much. If some of the material pushes toward the center it can cause quite a bit of pain and discomfort when the disk material pushes on the spinal column. The bad news is, it happens to everyone eventually. The good news is, it doesn't always have to be painful and even if it IS painful, the body can disolve the material that getws into the way provided that you can live with it. If the pain gets to be too great, a doctor can remove the damaged disk material and give you a little relief, but the procedure can be risky. Disc herniations don't just happened to old, run down people. A tear within the fibers of a disc can happen to people in their 20's. Disc degeneration and disc herniations definitely happen to people that don't take care of their spines, but just because it's common, doesn't mean it's normal!!! Humans can go through life without suffering through such incredible afflictions. The spine can be taken care of and maintained by a chiropractor. They are the experts to see first. There track record with fixing herniations is second to none. Save surgery for the LAST resort, when all else fails. You can't unboil a hard boiled egg. Surgery is invasive and permanent. The most common mechanism for disc injury is lifting an object while turning. Although injury often happens when lifting heavy objects, the "straw that breaks the camels back" is many times an insignificant maneuver, such as bending over at the sink while brushing your teeth, or while picking a pencil up off the floor.

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Q: Can continual lifting cause a herniated disk?
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How do you use herniated in a sentence?

Herniated-Verb: I herniated myself when I was lifting items I was too weak to lift. Herniated Disk-Adjective: I had to get surgery on my herniated Disk. Hernia-Noun: I had a hernia.

Can a herniated spinal disk cause chronic low back pain?

Herniated or ruptured disks are a common cause of chronic low back pain in adults.

What problem might a herniated disk cause?

A whole sh*tload of pain.

Can herniated disk cause lose of bowels?

Yes I lost my erentions as well

Can a herniated cervical disk paralize you?

no but it can get worse and cause nerve damage if untreated........

Can herniated disk cause loss of gas control?

It depends upon which disk is herniated and what nerves it is impinging and for how long. Usually loss of bladder control would be more common, and again there are many factors including which disk, where it is herniated, is it impinging a nerve root or the spinal cord itself.

Can a herniated disk in neck cause breast pain?

No. It can not cause breast pain. Breast is supplied by thoracic nerves.

What is intervertebral Disc Displacement Lumbar?

An intervertebral disk in which the nucleus pulposus has protruded through surrounding fibrocartilage. This occurs most frequently in the lower lumbar region. Alternative terms: Intervertebral Disk Displacement; Disk Displacement, Intervertebral; Disk Displacements, Intervertebral; Displacement, Intervertebral Disk; Displacements, Intervertebral Disk; Intervertebral Disk Displacements; Intervertebral Disc Displacement; Disc Displacement, Intervertebral; Disc Displacements, Intervertebral; Displacement, Intervertebral Disc; Displacements, Intervertebral Disc; Intervertebral Disc Displacements; Disk, Herniated; Disks, Herniated; Herniated Disk; Herniated Disks; Slipped Disk; Disk, Slipped; Disks, Slipped; Slipped Disks; Disk Prolapse; Disk Prolapses; Prolapse, Disk; Prolapses, Disk; Prolapsed Disk; Disk, Prolapsed; Disks, Prolapsed; Prolapsed Disks; Herniated Disc; Disc, Herniated; Discs, Herniated; Herniated Discs; Lumbar is referring to the lower back L1-L5

What is another name for a herniated disk?

A prolapsed disk

What is another name for a prolapsed disk?

A herniated disk

How are disk herniation and pain associated?

unclear if herniated disks cause pain themselves, or if they must press on a nerve root to cause pain. Pain may also occur with herniated disks as a result of

What is the medical term meaning slipped disk?

herniated disk

How can a young person get a herniated disk?

You can get a herniated disk any time at any age from an injury. It is extremely painful and needs to be treated.

What is the medical term meaning a disk that protrudes?

A herniated disk protrudes through the wall of the disk.

Can a herniated disc cause bladder problems?

Yes, a herniated disc can cause bowel or bladder problems. If you are experiencing the inability to control your bladder or bowel movements you need to seek medical care immediately! This can be caused by a herniated disk where it is compressing the specific nerve roots that control these functions and can cause serious damage and paralysis if not treated immediately!

Does doing push ups cause herniated disc?

Push ups can cause a herniated disk due to the large amount of stress on the spine created by the contraction of the back muscles necessary to keep your body straight during the push up.

What are the symptoms concerning herniated disc?

Possibly, but some of the most common symptoms of a herniated disk are for instance; pain in arm, pain in leg, loosing control of bladder, or pain in buttocks. It is less likely a herniated disk.

How much money can you get from a car accident and if you have herniated discs on the lower back and herniated disk on the neck?


Is randy orton injured?

yes he has a herniated disk

Can you have a another herniated disc after surgery?

Yes, sometimes the surgery doent work for the disk it was meant to treat, and it is also possible to herniated another disk that wasnt treated.

Can a herniated disc cause your bladder to push on your rectum and vagina?

No, but if you're having urinary symptoms and have a herniated disk, please contact your health care provider right away or consider a visit to the emergency room.

Is randy orton really injured?

yes he has a herniated disk

What would happen if a person didnt get a herniated disk fixed in the back?

A herniated disk is a potentially serious problem. The disk needs to be fixed soon or else it will only result in more spinal issues. The result is always permanent.

What is a slipped disk?

The medical term for slipped disk is a herniated disk. This is when a tear happens in the outer fibrous ring of one of your disks.

What other terms are used for disk herniation?

also commonly called a herniated nucleus pulposus, prolapsed disk, ruptured disk, or