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A sticking thermostat is caused by wear. The only option is to replace the thermostat.

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Q: Can coolant flushing help a sticking thermostat?
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Why is your engine running hot without the thermostat?

the coolant goes through the radiator too fast to be cooled sufficiently. a thermostat will help get the engine to operating temp and the let only enough coolant through to keep engine at that temp. this slows coolant down enough to be cooled properly.

Why is there mud in your radiator?

Mineral sludge from tap water. A good radiator flushing will help and then use proper coolant to help keep the sludge building up and blocking the radiator.

Where is the thermostat located on a 1992 Nissan Maxima?

The thermostat is located at the front of the engine, directly above the water pump. now you might have to remove the coolant shroud to and coolant fan to get down there. if you need any other help/directions email me at and i will be glad to help i have downloadable directions if you would like them

Where is the radiator sensor located?

For the coolant level it is usually located in the coolant reservoir. For the coolant temperature it is usually located on the engine close to the thermostat or on a cylinder head. Need more info like year, make and model to help you more.

99 Malibu HELP. cant get water to your heater core?

Is thermostat opening? Is system airbound? Is water pump circulating coolant?

When replacing the timing belt on a VW Passat - does the coolant need to be replaced and the radiator hoses disconneted?

More info would help here, what year passat? What engine? Generally I recommend that flushing the cooling system with OHC belt replacement. If the water pump is driven by the toothed cam belt replace the unit while you're there. This will necessitate coolant replacement. Suggest that replacement of the thermostat be also done at this time.

Need help with engine coolant lightoldsmobile achieva 1995 in the dashboard you just put water and the light didnt turn off?

Unplug the coolant sesor for a day or so. This will allow the sensor to reset itself (sensor is prone to sticking).

1986 ford pickup i replaced the thermostat and water pump and it still gets hot what could be wrong with it can you help me thanks?

maybe try flushing the cooling system, or replace temp sending unit.

Will a stuck thermostat cause coolant to bubble out?

If a thermostat is stuck open it will cause the "bubbling". The thermostat opens and closes giving your coolant time to cool off in the radiator. When stuck open the coolant will keep circulating and just get hotter and hotter until overheating occurs. You should change it right away. I hope this will help you. If by "open" you mean that it is stuck in a position which allows coolant to constantly flow then the last answer is FALSE. If it is stuck open, and coolant constantly flows, then your engine will not heat up to the proper temperature. It will constantly be cool, because guess what, that's what coolant flow does. That means your bearings will not expand properly and such causing a host of other engine problems. If it is stuck open, then you need to replace it.

How does antifreeze flow through an engine?

The water pump forces the coolant to move through the water jackets after the thermostat is open to the manufacturer to the temp. spec. After the thermostat is open the coolant flows through the radiator to help control the cooling. When you turn on the heater the hot water flows through the heater core and back in the return line to the engin block.

What is the purpose of wound flushing?

Wound flushing is used to help flush debris from a wound, lessening the risk of infection or treating an infection that already exists. If the wound is flushed with an antiseptic, it is more likely to heal correctly; flushing the wound can help prevent.

Is there any advantage going to a lower thermostat on a vehicle?

yes if you live in a cold area it could help, example, a 160 degree thermostat will open before a 180 degree thermostat, thus letting the warm coolant from the block to circulate thru the radiator and heater core, thus giving you warm air for your heater faster than a higher rated thermostat

Will outdoor temps 90-100 degrees cause the check engine light to come on a 98 Toyota Camry?

Most likely your car overheats. You need to check the coolant level, any leaks. If it did not help check the coolant temperature sensor, if it did not help either test the thermostat. If even your thermostat is not ok you need to check the water pump. PS: before doing anything check the error code (AutoZone does it for free).

My temp gaugebmw 318 e46 rises for no reason can anyone help already replaced the thermo sensor?

Does that mean that you replaced the thermostat AND the sensor? If not, you really need to replace the thermostat. A sticking thermostat can cause temperature swings and potentially overheat the engine. BTW, BMW engines tend to have serious problems when they overheat. Don't let it overheat or you might be buying a new engine.

Why is my 86 mustang over heating replaced water pump thermostat thermostat housing hoses new 3 core radiator fan pulls new temp sensor no coolant in oil. Please help Az weather is too hot?

Coolant capacity may not be sufficient--Was vehicle always in AZ. I brought a Pontiac there from east and have to replace radiator with a 7 core model

1991 Cutlass supreme is blowing cold air when the heater is on please help?

Could be, low on coolant, stuck open thermostat, plugged heater core, temp blend door malfunction,

Where is the coolant temperature sensor located in a Pontiac Grand AM 2002?

i have a 1999 grand am se with a 3400 sfi and it's under air intake on the thermostat bellhousing hope this help you out. good luck

Does flushing your radiator help improve the air conditioning in the vehicle?

Yes, it is

Will niacin help you pass an opiate test?

No, niacin will not help you pass an opiate test. The "flushing" that results from niacin is NOT "flushing drugs out of your system." It relates to an uncomfortable sensation of heat and other skin sensations.

Where is the thermostat located on a 2005 sienna?

Help! where is the thermostat located on a 2005 sienna?

What if you flush the radiator would that help?

If the problem your having is in your 'cooling system' , flushing it out could help out a lot.

Where is engine coolant temp sensor located?

Front of the cylinder head behind the thermostat housing. Location would vary depending on application. The year, make, model and engine info would help.

1996 dodge neon overheats?

Without more information, the answer is going to be: Check your coolant level, and add a proper 50/50 mix as necessary to the coolant overflow and the thermostat / radiator cap. If coolant is full, it may be time for a coolant flush. Also check to be sure that your thermostat is working. Check proper operation of the water pump by squeezing hose and feeling for a "surge." Really the question (which grammatically it isn't) is so vague that the only answer will be: Examine cooling system for problems. Find a Dodge Neon forum and I'm sure you'll find another person who can help more.

How do you change a thermostat on a 1995 mustang GT 5.0 enigne?

The thermostat is located inline with the upper radiator hose, where it meets the block. Remove the hose from the thermostat will loose some coolant when you take the hose off. Next, carefully remove the two (or three) bolts that hold the housing to the engine. The thermostat should now be attention to how it is installed so you don't install the new one upside down. Clean the mating surfaces, install the new thermostat and put it all back together. Don't overtighten the bolts. Fill with coolant, bleed the system, and you're done. See the links for help in more specific instructions for your car.

How do you change the thermostat on a 2007 pt cruiser?

Hi, i have put together a step by step guide that will help you with this replacement job. Make sure the vehicle is in a cool state before starting this job.* Drain some coolant into a clean container until the coolant level is below the thermostat housing.* Remove the upper radiator hose connection from the thermostat housing.* Loosen the housing bolts and remove the housing.* Remove the gasket and scrape it carefully from the surface of the housing and the mounting surface on the engine. If the gasket remains on either of the surfaces, there will probably bea coolant leak after reassembly. Some engines use a rubber O-ring to seal a thermostat housing.* Compare the size of the thermostat to the old one. They are of different sizes, types, and temperature ratings.* The temperature rating is stamped on the sensing bulb on the bottom of the thermostat. The temperature bulb faces the block.* When replacing a thermostat, be sure that the thermostat fits into the groove in the block or outlet housing. If the thermostat is installed upside down, the engine will overheat.* Install the gasket.* Reinstall the thermostat housing. Refill the system and run the engine or pressure test to check for leaks.* When the engine has reached operating temperature make sure the thermostat opens.* You should be able to see coolant circulating within the radiator.* Another way of checking thermostat operation is to feel the top of the radiator hose or use a thermometer or multimeter with a temperature probe to confirm that the coolant is warming up.* If the engine is overheating, but the top hose is still cool to the touch, the thermostat is stuck closed and must be replaced.NOTEWhen a paper gasket is used and the recess is in the thermostat housing, it is a good practice to position the thermostat into the recess and glue the gasket to hold it in place. If it falls out of its groove during installation, the outlet housing can be cracked or a coolant leak will result. Before tightening the water outlet housing, try to rock it back and forth to be sure it is flush. Housings are often cracked during this step.