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Can cops trace feces?

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Yes. They can be tested for DNA

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Is animal feces a fossil?

Preserved animal feces from a long time ago would be a fossil trace. Petrified human feces would be called paleofeces. However, fresh animal feces would not be considered a fossil.

Can cops trace a phone with the phone off?

"cops" being FBI then YES they can turn on the internal microphone on some models of phones.

What are coprolites?

Coprolites are the petrified feces of ancient animals. They are classified as trace fossils.

Can cops trace iPod texts?

nope, the only person who can see it is the recipient

Is there mucus in feces?

Yes, there are trace amounts of mucus in feces. There is even more mucus in feces when someone has a disease such as irritable bowl syndrome. If there are noticeable amounts of mucus in your feces, especially if you are having other symptoms, you should see a doctor.

Is there feces in your spices?

Feces itself should not be in your spices for the most part, though trace amounts might get in during manufacture from insect and other animal activity. What you might be more likely to find is the same bacteria that is found in feces. It can get into the air.

How long before cops find you for a hit and run?

as long as it takes them to trace the IP of the person that asked this queston.

What are petrified feces?

Petrified feces is also called coprolite. It is body waste that has turned into stone. In terms of fossils, they are considered trace fossils, not body fossils. Paleofeces is the name for ancient human waste.

What are feces and urine made of?

Feces is what is left over from the foods you eat. The food is chewed and soaked in acid, then enzymes are added, and the lining of the small intestine absorbs the nutrients. So feces is what is left of that process.Urine is the chemical waste of the body, much of which is water, uric acid and nitrogen-based compounds like ammonia. There might also be trace amounts of bilirubin and skin cells.

Is it feces or feces?

Feces is correct in America. Faeces is correct in International English.

Are raccoon feces similar to human feces?

No, they do resemble cat feces but are a bit larger.

What are the chemicals in feces?

You can find trace chemicals from food that was eaten. Primarily nitrogen compounds, compounds of sodium, calcium, most nutrient elements, water, choloform bacteria. flavonids, and bile.

Why did your whole family turn into feces?

Because your feces has magical powers that turns anything it touches to feces, and one day your family thought your feces was cookies, ate it, and then they turned into feces! TADAA!

Feces in pool?

Feces in pool? is not a question.

Do children's feces stink?

Yes, children's feces often smells as offensive as adult feces.

What is the medical term meaning poop?

ANSWER:Feces, stool or excrementFeces, fecal matter, excrement, stoolExcrement or feces.Faeces, or stool.Feces.

What stores feces before the feces are pushed out?

The rectum is the final storing place for feces. When you defecate, you relax the anal sphincter and push the feces out of the rectum.

Do dogs clean their teeth with feces?

No. There are parasites in feces. Consuming feces can make dogs sick or have worms.

Why are feces egested?

Feces are egested because they serve no biological purpose. Feces are undigestible food waste.

How can feces make you sick?

Exposure to feces can make you sick because feces is a good growing medium for germs. Germs that can grow in feces can cause a number of diseases. If your cat has toxoplasmosis, and you handle their feces, you can get toxoplasmosis too.

What color is feces?

Feces (poop) is generally brown.

Why are feces black?

Typically, it is from blood in stool/feces.

What does feces mean?

Feces is the outcoming of a bowel movement.

How do birds pee?

In their feces, which is a "combination" of urine and feces.

What is mothball smell in feces?

what is mothball smell in feces?

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