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yes it can as long as the oraingnal owner agrees.

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Can a copyright be bought after the last a certain amount of time after the last printing?

Copyright can be bought, sold, or transferred at any time during its duration.

Is kratom legal in Australia?

Kratom cannot be legally sold or bought in Australia.

Can an artists family assume the artists copyright?

"Assume"? If you mean "inherit", then yes. A copyright is a personal property right that can be donated, sold, bought, gifted, bartered, inherited, licensed, etc.

Are there consumers in Australia?

Yes, there are consumers in Australia and in every country where goods can be bought and sold. Any person who buys any product or service can be considered a consumer.

Who administers copyright patents and trademarks in Australia?

IP Australia.

Where do you buy a koala?

You don't. The koala is a protected native species in Australia, and legislation prevents them from being bought or sold as pets.

What law is used on copyright?

Copyright regulations ACT 1969 (Commonwealth of Australia)

Can you sell a copyright?

Yes. All intellectual property (trademarks, copyrights, patents, etc) has some intrinsic value & can be bought & sold between parties once that value is established.

Will Sony PSP bought in Thailand work in Australia?

Yes a Sony PSP bought in Thailand will work in Australia. PS3 that are bought in Thailand will also work in Australia.

What animals are sold and bought in markets for Christmas on Kenya?

Cow are sold and bought i markets for Christmas on Kenya

What is the antonym for bought?


What is an antonym for sold?


What are the ratings and certificates for Bought and Sold - 2003?

Bought and Sold - 2003 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

Which law reform was introduced in Australia to help the copyright of material stored on the Internet?

Copyright Amendment Act 2006.

When were chickens introduced to Australia?

They were first bought to Australia with the first fleet in 1788. 87 chickens were bought over.

What is the antonym of bought?

bargain or sold

What is the opposite of the word sold?


What is the opposite of the verb sold?

Is it bought

Was anything created in Australia to do with the internet?

Yes, the initial Google Maps software was developed in Australia before being bought by Google. The Australian development company, Where 2 Technologies, sold the technology to Google in October 2004 After being bought by Google, the product was eventually rolled out as... Google Maps. But... it was developed in Australia. Supplied by John Crago

What have the Chinese brought to Australia?

you sir have bought justice to Australia

What Year Was Coco Cola First Sold In Australia?

Coca Cola was first sold in Australia in 1937

Where do I copyright a story title?

You can copyright a work, but generally not a story title. In any case, you don't have to go anywhere to copyright. Copyright ownership is automatic, because of the work done. Unless a copyright was sold or gifted you need a proof that you did the work to claim a copyright but nothing more than that.

What is done with diamonds mined in Australia?

Diamonds mined in Australia follow the same type of distribution channel as diamonds mined in any country. Mined diamonds are graded, brokered, then bought and sold based on the diamond's quality.

How is currency sold and bought to the federal reserve?

it is sold when they give the banks and it is bought back from the bank when th money is old,dirty, or torn

What is the opposite of sold?

An antonym for sold (verb to sell) would be bought, or also purchased, acquired, procured, or obtained.The opposite of the adjective sold would be unsold, available, or in stock.

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