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Can cough syrup get you high?

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yes, if you drink enough of it.

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Does theraflu cough syrup get you high?

depending on the amount of the cough syrup you consume a-day

What medication can get you high?

Cough syrup.

How long does a cough syrup high last?

i have some cough syrup with codein from last year. is ok to take it

What kinds of cough syrup get you high?


Can bromfed dm cough syrup get you high?

can bromfed get you high

What is sipping on syrup?

that's when someone drinks a lot of cough syrup to get them high.

Where can you get actavis cough syrup?

Actavis cough syrup was pulled off the shelves in 2014 due to negative media attention. Musicians were using the highly-refined codeine cough syrup to get high.

What is the best cough syrup to get high off?


Is aldex d cough syrup?

Is it cough syrup

How do you get codeine cough syrup?

You have to get codeine cough syrup from a doctor.

How much cough medicine to take to get high?

There is no guarantee that a cough syrup will get you high in the first place, depending on its ingredients. And WikiAnswers does not give answers on how to get high.

What is The density of cough syrup?

The density of cough syrup is: vitamins and supplements.

What is the strongest cough syrup?

what is the strongest cough syrup you can get prescribed to you by a doctor?

Is cough syrup an element or compound?

Neither. Cough syrup is a mixture.

Is cough syrup a mixture element or a compound?

Cough syrup is a mixture.

Is zerotuss a cough syrup?

yes it is a new generation cough syrup

Is cough syrup a count noun or a mass noun?

The compound noun 'cough syrup' is a count noun:I bought a cough syrup.I bought three different cough syrups.

What is a cough syrup that begins with letter B?

Boiron Chestal Cough Syrup

Can benadryl be taken with promethazine cough syrup?

promethazine/codeine cough syrup

When did Toxic cough syrup happen?

Toxic cough syrup happened in 2007.

Will nonnarcotic cough syrup help a cough?

Is there any scienctic proof that non narcotic cough syrup help?

What is cough syrup elixir?

cough syrup elixir contains alcohol.. there for it make you drowzy

Is cough syrup a stimulant?

If a cough syrup has alcohol as an ingredient, then it contain a stimulant, There are some cough syrups without alcohol.

Can you take Ambien and cough syrup?

Talk to the pharmacy and they said you can take ambien with cough syrup. You should watch for extra drowsiness if the cough syrup contains codeine.

What gets you high?

well cough syrup can. DRUGS defenitly I LOVE YOU DANIEL ESPINOZA

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