Can cows be sick

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Q: Can cows be sick
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Can not milking cows make cows sick?

No, not milking cows will not make them sick. Their udders will just be sore for a few days, then eventually they'll slow down in production and dry up.

Why do cows miscarry?

Sometimes cows will have a miscarriage if they become very sick, mostly from brucellosis.

How did foot and mouth disease start?

i think it was sick cows.

Is this true about the peta story and your sick cows read this because i did and i want to know or i will just asumme you do treat your cows this way?


Why did the beef get conminated in chino California?

sick cows were being tortured into the slaughterhouse

What is caused by drinking milk from cows that ate white snakeroot?

you will get sick and die

Can a cow get constipated?

Yes, cows can get constipated, especially when they are sick. However, constipation is more common in calves than fully grown cows.

How deadly is cowpox?

to people it can't even make you sick. to cows... i don't know.

Will cows get sick eating daylilies and irises?

Iris is toxic to cattle but daylilies are not toxic.

What do cows drink besides water?

Cows ONLY drink water. They do NOT drink milk, and cannot drink milk otherwise they will get quite sick with diarrhea and rumen upset.

How do you know your cows are sick?

A sick cow will have a high temperature and she will also be off her food, not eating. She will not produce as much milk as she should be and will generally look lethargic

Do cows like the smell of pine?

Some may.But they shouldnt eat it they should avoid it. It can make them sick or hurt them.

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