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Can cows eat chocolate?

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Yes, farmers in at least Mexico and the US have fed cattle scrap chocolate this year (2012).

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Is chocolate milk from cows?

No . it is from milk and chocolate. Whole milk is from cows, not chocolate milk. Chocolate milk is made by a combination of products.

Can chocolate cows give chocolate milk?

No. just because white cows give white milk, it doesn't mean that chocolate cows can give chocolate milk.That makes no sense.the ones at willy wonka's factory

How do cows eat pork?

Cows do not eat pork. Cows do not eat any meat. They eat grass and hay.

What does chocolate come from?

chocolate comes from cows and factories milf

Could cows produce chocolate milk?

Unfortunately, no. Not real cows. Fictional cows, sure.

Do cows eat herbivores?

No, cows only eat vegetation. Cows are herbivores.

Do cows eat humans?

No, cows do not eat humans.

What do cows eat outside?

cows eat grass

Can cows eat nuts?

cows can eat nuts.

Where do the milk from chocolate come from?


What kind of grain do dairy cows eat?

cows will eat any grain, but most cows eat corn

Did The Pioneers Eat Cows?

If Not They Would Never Eat Cows.

Why Indians do not eat cows?

The ones that don't eat cows.

Do pandas eat cows?

No, the cows are too big to eat.

Can cows eat candy?

yes cows can eat candy

How do you get a chocolate cow or brown cow on farmville?

To get a chocolate cow on farmville you need to adopt one tat wonders onto one of your friends farm. Chocolate cows or brown cows yield chocolate milk.

What is the Greek's favorite meat?

COWS COWS COWS they eat cows.

Does chocolate milk come from kitties?

It is milk (from cows) with chocolate flavor added. PS- ice cream does NOT come from really cold cows.

Do cows do chocolate milk or you put on the milk?

you put the chocolate flavoring in the milk

How do they make yogurt?

People eat cows, and then spit out the cow's utter. Others mix jello with chocolate milk and ice cream.

What animals do cows eat?

Cows don't eat animals, they eat grass they are herbivores.

Did chocolate milk come from brown cows?


Do french cows eat meat?

French cows eat grass.

Do cats eat cows?

Feral cats will eat dead cows.

Do Indians eat cows?

The Muslim and Christian Indians eat cows.

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