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Child Protective Services considers cases like this individually. They may take your children if they find that they are not able to receive a proper education as a result of moving around.

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My ex is a mama's boy we are living with her and she wants to take my kids away from me He is not helping Am I right to take the kids back home to TX?

Is he the father of the children? Has he or his mother started any legal moves to take the children? Is Child Services involved? (CPS - PSS - DFS - DSS) If there is an open case involving Children's Protective Services, you could be in trouble if you just move away, taking the children with you. If there is a case worker, talk to them first.If there is no state or county involvement, you should probably move back home, before his mama starts one. She can't just take your kids, but if she is the grandmother and he is the father, they could make reports to the state or county saying you are not a good mother in order to get the kids. So just be careful.If you are taking care of your kids and being a good mom, you will not lose them just because his mama wants them. But it could take you a long time to prove the truth. If she is trying to get the kids away from you. Good luck.

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Can family members get custody of a child because they do not want the child's parent to move to another state?

If the parents want to move, the girl must go with them unless she is 18. If she is old enough and responsible, some parents let their kids live with a trusted family until they finish high school - but that is totally up to the parents because they are legally responsible for their kids. Another family cannot get custody of a girl just because they don't want her to move. A judge won't take a biological daughter away from the family for a stupid reason like that. If the girl is abused, neglected or just just lives with her friends, they have a better chance of attaining custody.

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Can i move to another city and take your kids with out their fathers consent?

Check with your lawyer, and check you custody agreement.

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