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Yes it is actually ok for crabs to eat fish food. The crab may avoid it at first but then after a day or two it will eat the food. crabs are also know as picky eaters so some may not eat it.

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Q: Can crabs eat fish food
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Do pet crabs eat fish food?

Yes, pet crabs will very likely eat fish food.

Where are starfishes in the food chain?

In the middle because the eat dead crabs,crabs eat fish,and fish eat seaweed.

Can baby crabs eat fish food?

yes they eat fish guts and fish eye balls

What is a crabs food source?

Depending on the species of crab, its food source will vary. Crabs eat algae, water plants, small fish, other crabs, shell fish, and some will eat dead fish or decaying vegetation.

Do craps eat fish food?

If you have pet crabs it is okay for them to eat fish food. It will not hurt them. They may not eat it right away but will eventually.

What do aquarium crabs eat?

try sinking fish food(by the way if they get hungry enough theyll eat other crabs and even small fish!!):)

Can hermit crabs eat fish food?

some times they can eat it as a treat

What do small wild lake fish eat?

they eat insects, fish food, leeches, snals , and small crabs

Where in the food chain are crabs?

Crabs are only part of the food chain in the ocean. Soft shell crabs are eaten by birds, and larger fish. They are predators as well, because they eat other fish in the ocean.

What human food do fiddler crabs eat?

Fiddler crabs should never eat human food. They are not able to digest human food. However, they should be fed crab food or fish food.

Hermit crabs eat betta fish food?

Yes do you know if betta's can eat hermit crab food

Do fish eat crabs?

no I had two fiddler crabs and they caught one of the fish but no fish do not eat crab

What is a rock pool food web?

Crabs eat green seaweed Whelks eat red seaweed Small fish eat shrimps Shrimps eat plankton Animal plankton eats plant plankton Sea anemones eat plankton Shore crabs eat shrimps and small fish Crabs eat whelk Small fish eats sea anemones Seagulls eat small fish and crabs

Can hermitcrabs eat fish food?

Yes, hermit crabs should be fine on a diet of fish food pellets or flakes.

What do Red Crabs eat?

Red crabs eat what they can, eg. other fish excrements but will like blood worms and sunken food. They are scavengers.

What are foods fiddler crabs will eat?

They are scavengers so fish food, frog food, etc

What kind of food eat by squid?

fish crabs lobster shrimp maybe

What do salt water crabs eat?

I was told by my son's 4th grade teacher that they eat fish food.

What kinds of food do the Serbia eat?

Sea food, such as fish, crabs and eels, are some of the most common

How do fish eat crabs?

fish do eat crabs like the bigger predators (Halibut, Cod, etc.)

Does crabs eat small fish?

no they eat dead fish no they eat dead fish

What do porae fish eat?

they eat crabs and small fish

What kind of fish can hermit crabs eat?

Hermit crabs do not eat fish they need to eat a variety of foods like:fruits,vegies,hard food and treats like:papaya,coconut,pineapple,banana chips,apples,and mangos

What is the food of the jellyfish?

the eat fish, shrimp, crabs, tiny plants, andother jellyfish

How do the crabs to get their food?

They use there claws to grab fish or what ever what crabs want to eat and kill the food with its claws and eats isn't this basic stuff how old are you?

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