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Yes, if the creditor obtains a judgment lien in court.

Yes, if the creditor obtains a judgment lien in court.

Yes, if the creditor obtains a judgment lien in court.

Yes, if the creditor obtains a judgment lien in court.

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Yes, if the creditor obtains a judgment lien in court.

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Q: Can credit card debt put a lien on your taxes?
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If credit card puts lien on house and i file bankruptcy can i still file the credit card in the bankruptcy?

You have to, it is a is just a secured the lien on the property.

Can a county sheriff serve a warrant when a credit card company files a lien on property for delinquent debt?

Yes, absolutely. Credit card debt is not different from other debts in general. If there is a mortgage on the property, the lenders lien of course has priority.

Can a lien be placed on your home for credit card debt if it is jointly owned and the other party is not responsiblbe for the debt of the cards?


Can 2500 credit card debt permit credit card co to take your car?

NO. Only a lender with a lien on your vehicle has the legal authority to repossess it.

A lien was filed due to credit card debt. I had no personal property at the time the lien was filed about 3 years ago. How does this affect my credit?

The lien is probably still in place, and the fact that it was filed is still on your credit file.

I own a home and my mother resides in another home on the property her debt is showing as lien against the property but she doesn't have the house in her namecan a credit card company do that?

If it is credit card debt, the lien is invalid, but if you or your mother ignored a complaint about the debt and failed to object to the lien, you may have to do something about it in the court that granted the lien. If you live in a state where a credit card lien can be obtained without a court order, you will have to take some other legal action. If you fail to have the lien removed, it will come back to haunt you if you want to refinance or sell the property, or if you die.

Does a credit card property lien expire?

Unfortunately, some states do allow for this to occur. The credit card company usually renews the lien and adds the cost of the renewal to the lien. It is better to pay off any bad debt you have obtained before this situation.

If a person puts a house in life estate can a lien for credit card debt be put on a house after the person dies?


Can a car be taken to pay off credit card debt?

Yes. A car can be taken for a credit card debt if the creditor sues you in court, is successful and obtains a judgment lien. The creditor can use that judgment lien to take any property you own including your home and your car and your bank account.

Can you negotiate a payment after a lien is put on house by a credit card company?

Yes! When a lien from a credit card or any unsecured debt shows up on a property title search, its a second to the primary lien. Any mortgage or taxes would be paid first. So if you were buying or selling a house with that type of lien, you can contact the company who placed the lien and offer them an amount to settle their claim. Its usually far less than whats owed because they could get nothing in many cases. Many settle for 10% to 20%.

Will chapter7 clear lien on home for credit card dept?

It depends on whether there was equity in the home at the time the lien attached. If so, it is a secured debt and will have to be paid. You may have to have hearing to determine dischargeability.

Can a lien be put on a married couple's house to pay back credit card debt even if the card is only in one name?"