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Can cross-dressing be cured?


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Cross-dressing is not a "disease" it is not bad or wrong. It does not need to be "cured." Essentially if someone wants to be "cured" of cross-dressing, they should go see a psychologist to find the underlying problem.

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For me crossdressing as a girl is common, aqnd i llove doing it.

There are no answers right now - no one studying crossdressing as a function of biology or environment.

The only recurring instance of crossdressing in Pokemon is the occurrence of female Mr. Mime in the game.

Someone would want to know about crossdressing fiction maybe because they don't know about it or they are interested in it. Crossdressing fiction is dressing as the opposite sex.

Being paranoid about what everyone thinks about something that has no impact on their lives is unhealthy, so, yes crossdressing is healthy.

Crossdressing has nothing to do with others knowing or not, it's about choosing to wear (or not wear) a specific set of clothing.

There is nothing inherently harmful about crossdressing. The most harm to be found in crossdressing derives from other people's reactions about the crossdresser. For instance, while a crossdresser may be perfectly fine with crossdressing, they may still have feelings of anxiety, hatred, etc. because they know that other people would not approve of their crossdressing. Also, when crossdressing publicly, crossdressers may run the risk of being assaulted or otherwise harmed by onlookers who are not comfortable with seeing a crossdresser. As an aside - when females crossdress and bind their chest, over time, there can be some health concerns with breathing and ribcage constriction.

Breath in, breath out. Repeat.

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