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No, but it is a side effect of a dry scalp, and THAT is a cause of hair loss.

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Q: Can dandruff be the cause of hair loss?
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Do hairloss from dandruff get replaced naturally?

Dandruff does not cause any type of hair loss in people.

Can dandruff cause hair loss?

Yes because dandruff leaves your scalp dry and this leads to hairfall from the roots

Does the hair on the head of people with dandruff grow slower than the hair of people without dandruff?

Dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis) is a completely separate condition to hair loss. (Hair grows out from follicles "beneath" the scalp surface.) Cell loss due to dandruff can actually increase the rate of scalp cell growth, but not hair growth.

Why is dandruff bad for your hair?

Dandruff are the dead skin cells that shed from off of the scalp. It is not bad for your hair, but it does cause itching and flakes in the hair.

Is body spray good for your hair?

No, it's terrible for your hair. It causes dandruff and hair loss, and it is made for your body not your hair !

Can anesthesia cause hair loss?

I think it will not cause hair loss.

Does nifedipin cause hair loss?

No nifedipine does not cause hair loss.

What could be wrong if you have itchy scalp and loss of hair?

It could very well be dandruff.

Can shampoo cause you to have dangruf?

No. Washing your hair infrequently can cause Sebhorreic Dermatitis or dandruff.

Does washing your hair to much cause dandruff?

Nope. The opposite is true, Washing your hair will get rid of the dandruff while not washing it will cause irritation and give you dandruff. However if you dont wash your hair for like months then the natural oils in your hair will go to a balanced state and you wont have dandruff and your hair will go really nice. But to achieve this takes months of uncomfortable dandruff hair. To avoid dandruff wash it about every three days. If you wash it too often then the shampoo will strip your hair of the natural oils so dont wash it everyday.

Does dehydration cause hair loss?

Yes, dehydration can cause hair loss

Does dilantin cause hair loss?

Can dilantin or its generic phenytoin cause hair loss. I know that Dilantin can cause excessive hair growth in women but what about hair loss. Also can statin drugs cause hair loss.

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