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If I understand Skype, yes she can. I just started and account to use in Iraq and I'm pretty sure that I can have a Chicago number.

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I've created my Skype id recently I do not have my Skype number but I do have my Skype id Should I need my Skype number to make Skype to Skype call?

You do not need your Skype number to make Skype to Skype calls. You can log into your Skype account with your recently made ID and password.

I've created my Skype id recently I do not have my Skype number but I do have my Skype id Should I need my Skype number to make Skype to Skype call-?

If you have created your Skype ID recently, then you will not your number to make Skype to Skype calls. You can log in with your Skype ID and password to make calls.

I do have my skype id but I don't have my skyPe number then cn I make skype to skype calls?

Yes, you can make Skype to Skype calls with just your ID and password, you don't need your Skype number.

Where is this number from 0026876618912?

That number is from a network called Skype. Skype is a site where you can chat with your family and friends with webcam. People without Skype get confused about these numbers because only Skype users know its a Skype number. I know because I have Skype myself.

Does the person you are calling have to have Skype?

No, if you have purchased minutes in skype you can make a call to the regular number from skype.

Can you have a US phone number living abroad?

Yes, most easily by signing up for a VoIP service such as Vonage or Skype.

Telephone to laptop connection?

Buy a Skype telephone number and divert calls to your usual telephone number to your Skype number.

Is Skype free?

Skype is free to download, and its basic features (including Skype-to-Skype calls) are free, but additional features (such as calling a regular telephone number) cost extra.

Does video calles on Skype cost?

It costs nothing if you call someone who's using Skype (Skype-to-Skype). If you call to a phone number, it does cost but I dont know how much

What number does Skype use to call phones?

When Skype calls phones from your account automatically--there's one master phone number, (000)-012-3456. You can't call that from Skype, though.

What services does Skype provide?

Skype provides a number of useful services. The main service that Skype provides is the ability to make phone calls from your computer to any registered telephone number in the world. Another is the ability to set up an incoming telephone number so others can call you on Skype, even from mobile phones or landlines. Finally, Skype also provides to ability to video conference with other Skype users.

What is ownage prank's number?

he uses skype

Does Elle Fanning have skype and if she does whats her number?


Can spirits intercept with Skype video calls?

My friend saw a "Spirit/Ghost" (a girl) while talking on skype,she appeared in the background behind her daughter on the screen? Is this a spirit ? Could it be a crossed call on skype like u can on a cellphone? From: Freaked out!

Are Skype calls free?

There is no charge to make a call to other Skype users over the internet. However, there are fees if you use Skype to call a regular telephone number.

How do you Skype order pizza?

You have to have skype credit and have the number in your skype phonebook. Then you hit the phone button and it calls the pizza place, you order the pizza and then it gets delivered or you go to get it.

What is Bella Thorne s address?

I don't have her address. But I have her phone number and skype. Phone number: 323-454-7960 Skype: thornebella. (With period at end)

Does Jennifer Aniston a Skype number?

Yes she has one

What is a good password for skype?

myfavoritenumberis[random number]

What is Jake Short's Skype and Phone number?

i dont know the phone number but i know that his skype name is jake.short97 beacsue he was born in 1997 and his name is jake short.

How do you skype with Bella thorn with out byeing it or dowloding anything?

You can't. But her phone number is 323-454-7960 Her skype is: thornebella.

Do you need to pay money for skype?

Maybe, depending on what you want to do. If you want to use Skype to call a "real" telephone number, you have to pay for that. If you want "real" telephone users to be able to call you on Skype, you have to pay for that. If you just want to use Skype to communicate with another Skype user, that's free.

How do you call a 1-800 number from Malaysia?

Use Skype, Skype allows you to call US 1-800 numbers

Is plies number on Skype 18139643818?


How do you use Skype on an Android mobile phone?

On the Skype website, you can find all the necessary instructions. You basically have to input your mobile number to get a link to install the Skype application.(See details in the Related link.)