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Can dead animal odor make me sick?

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Can prolonged exposure to skunk smell make you sick House is infused with the odor and we aren't feeling too well?

Prolonged exposure to skunk smell can indeed make you sick. This is a defense mechanism by the animal and is not meant to be lived with for long periods of time.

Can severe cat urine odor make you sick?

On the contrary, it is a cure for scurvy.

Can you get sick from a dead animal smell?

Well, you definitely could feel sick from the foul smells coming from a dead animal. You could even physically throw up. If you mean from airborne bacteria or viruses from smelling a dead animal, you likely would not ingest enough to have an effect.

Can you get sick from smelling skunk odor for extended periods of time?

yes, it will make you nauseated

Feces smells like dead animal?

If an animal's feces smells like a dead animal, the animal is probably sick. There is most likely a problem with their digestive track.

If you eat an animal that has a disease will you catch it or just get sick?

Depends on the disease. Every disease has its own identity. Some diseases will make the animal sick, some will make you sick, some will make both you sick, some will effect neither, some will effect only one, some will effect you and the animal differently. Generally speaking, don't eat a sick animal because you will probably get sick or die too

Why does a vaccine not make you sick when you are injected with it?

The vaccine contains dead or weakened virus material. It is dead or too weak to hurt you, so you don't get sick.

Do smelling salts make you sick?

No, smelling salts are used to bring a person back to consciousness if they have fainted, because they have a very strong odor and it helps to bring the person to consciousness. They don't make you sick.

What could make a black bear sick or dead?

poison and venom

Why does cooking chicken or animal meat make some people sick just from cooking it?

Its psychological. Some people are wheezy from the thought of touching a dead animal carcass. If they get sick from cooking it, maybe they're not cooking it correctly and need to find the correct cooking temperatures for that spcific type of meat.

Can raw onion odor make you sick?

Whether you get sick with raw onion odor,depends upon your temparament. It is true that while trimming raw onion, tears come in the eyes of all surrounding people as a natural discourse. Withstanding odor of various food products varies from person to person,one's disliking may be the other's liking.

Can you get sick from smelling a sick persons poop?

The odor of poop (even that of a sick person) can cause nausea, but it does not cause actual illness.

Will you get sick from eating baby flies?

Eating a clean maggot in theory should not make you sick, however maggots are often found in decomposing animal carcasses and traced of this could make you sick.

Do horses eat squirrels?

No, not normally. Horses are herbivores and eat only plant matter. However they are also very curious and may pick up and 'taste' or play with a dead animal such as a squirrel. If the horse ingests the dead animal call your equine veterinarian immediately as this can make the horse very sick.

Can a person's house make him sick?

Not the house itself, but things in the house could. If the house if filthy, insects and rodents will be attracted and can carry disease. If the house has mold, that could make you sick. Some carpeting and other fabrics used in decorating are treated with fire retardant. The odor of this retardant has make some people sick.

Is a skunk a farm animal?

No A skunk is not a farm animal, Skunks are mammals best known for their ability to secrete a liquid with a strong, foul odor. Skunks also only come out at night unless they are sick, they also can be harmful if you get to close

Can a guinea pig make a child sick?

No, this is not likely. Unless the child has an allergy. Then the animal can make the child uncomfortable.

Why was Lazarus sick?

Lazr aus was sick, and Jesus wanted to use his life to show the people that even after he was dead , he could make him rise again.

Why do zoologist kill animal when they are sick?

zoologist kill animal when they sick because they suffered less

Can dead mice in the house make you sick?

Probably not. There sure are plenty of dead mice behind my walls and I'm okay. *cough cough*

Can you get sick if pukka fish eat your skin?

No,the fish will just eat your dead skin cells. (sometimes if it is a sick pukka fish maybe you can get sick) it will make ur feet soft tho

Can dead rats make humans sick?

it could if it is wild rat it could have had a disease if it was not wild im not sure how would you get sick ,it being there or eating it (eww)

Where do rabies from from?

It comes from animals saliva if they are sick you will get rabies and get sick from the rabies if you get bit by a rabid animal a rabid animal is a animal that is infected with rabies.

Can you get sick from eating cooked spoiled chicken?

Most likely, yes. Spoiled food emits an odor indicating the multiplication of bacteria has been taking place for a period of time. Foods can be potentially hazardous with no odor; odor is an indicator of further decomposition and rampant bacteria

What happens to horses in a slaughter house?

They get dead. You really don't want to know it would make you sick.