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after approved financing and signed contract, have had car 8 days, can a dealership take car back?

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Q: Can dealership back out of signed contract once approved financing and drove the car off lot?
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How can you have a signed contract with a car dealership and you have the truck for eight days and they never had the loan approved by a lender?

Incompetence, maybe?

Can purchaser cancel auto financing?

The only time the purchaser can cancel auto financing is in the begining of the loan during the "interview" with the finance company. That is one of the reasons the dealership will not tell you who the finance company is before they get "funded" by the bank. If you knew who the finance company was before the dealership gets funded then you can cancel the financing. The other issue you have is the contract signed with the dealership. They can still say they will be the bank and stick you with the car and the financing.

What can the dealership do if the consumer cancels the loan with the finance company before the paperwork is received?

Technically, your legal agreement is with the car dealership, so any subsequent changes with your financing may be irrelevant to your contract unless your agreement was dependent upon acquisition of financing. You may have cancelled your loan but this doesn't directly translate to cancellation of the contract you signed with the dealership. They won't give you the car with a balance due, but you may be subject to fines/penalties, it all depends upon the contract and the dealership. Review your contract terms and try to work with the dealership to resolve the issue.

Can a dealership take your car if financing was approved already and the car was signed off on with title and ownership already belonging to us. The dealership made the error and want the truck back.?

Technically you are not the owner of the vehicle until you have paid every repayment it is the property of the finance company. Just because the vehicle is in your possession does not mean that it is yours as the contract that you signed has not been forfilled (the paying in full part)

Is there a way to get out of a signed contract with a car dealership?

Not unless the dealer agrees to void the contract or fraud was involved. You signed it, and you will have to live with that decision.

How does a buy here pay her car dealership finance their cars?

Depends on the car dealership in itself and where the lady signed the contract from

Do you have to sign a new contract when financing a vehicle to make the payment higher?

Whenever terms on a contract are changed, a new contract should be signed.

Can you get out of a signed auto contract in Oklahoma if car is still at dealership?

a realy domb question

Can a math error in a vehicle Purchase agreement signed dealership void the contract?


If i signed the contract for a used car but have not put a deposit down or had the financing go through Is the contract legally binding?

it depends on what the contract says - did you read it ?? Yes, it states and signed I paid $2000 down.

Dealership wants to resign contract after 10 days?

A dealership does not have a legal right to re-sign a contract once it has been signed. However, if there is an obvious typographical mistake in the contract, they may request to re-sign it.

Can a car dealership refuse to pay off trade when it is in the contract?

A contract is a legally binding agreement between the parties who have signed it, unless written into the contract otherwise, all parties are bound by the terms of the agreement/contract they signed.

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Can a dealership take your car back after the contract is signed and you have bought insurance for it?

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