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The term "charge off" indicates the original creditor has removed the debt from their balance sheet as uncollectible from the borrower. This is misleading however, as the debt may remain it must be validated according to the FDCPA should it come back in some other type of collection activity and subject to collection by means of an agency working for the OC or a third party that purchases the account. Also be aware that there are times that the debt is also used as a tax loss by a creditor then cannot be collected at a later time as the collector would then obtain unjust enrichment by obtaining two bites from the same apple. To determine this would require due inquiry by a process to validate and verify the debt. Remember no debt is not to be deemed valid unless validated and verified. It is surprising how many debt collectors do not have the original documentation that can actually be used in a court of law for collection purposes. Many of the debts must be wiped off your credit report if it cannot be lawfully validated and verified. If the debt cannot not verified and validated by the debt collector and the collector continues collection activity you may have grounds to sue the creditor and possibly the credit reporting agency pursuant to the Fair debt Collection Practices Act.

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Q: Can debt collectors collect on a debt after it has been charged off?
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What may debt collectors do?

can a debt collector come to your house to collect a debt

Where can one find a list of debt collectors in the UK?

There are sites online that advertise their debt collection business. Some of these Debt Collectors are UK Debt Collection, Debt Recovery UK, Debt Collect and Debt Recovery Plus.

Limit to how long collectors can legally collect your debt in Ohio?

In the state of Ohio, collectors can legally collect your debt for up to ten years. The collection process can range from telephone calls to wage garnishment.

Can debt collectors collect on a debt after it has be charged off?

Yes, A charge off simply indicates that the debt has been written off the creditor's account as uncollectible. The debt can then be sold to a collection agency for pennies on the dollar. The 'buyer" of the debt will then pursue collection action by whatever means is allowed by the laws of the state where the debtor resides. Such action would be phone calls, letters and in many instances a civil suit for the debt owed.

What can debt collectors do to collect debt?

Debt collectors (not the original creditor) is governed by this very nifty federal law: Federal Debt Collections and Practices Act (FDCPA). Sample of FDCPA and Sates see below in the link

Can a credit card company still continue to charge interest if the debt has been charged off?

Yes, a "charge off" does not indicate that the debt is no longer valid. The creditor has several options on how to collect monies owed after the account has been charged off.

Can the repo man speak to your employer about repossesing your car?

Debt collectors will use any means for information to collect their debt.

What is your business?

When a customer's loan or bill goes into default the company that lent the debtor the money will try to collect the debt. Most debt collectors are from the actual lender or are contractors that have purchased the debt and will try to collect the money from the debtor with interest.

Can a debt collection agency make calls from the US or Canada into the UK for debt collections?

Not all companies collect outside of the US, but when they do collect, collectors dont have any issue calling international

What interest rates are charged by debt collectors?

Most debt collectors will charge you an interest rate that is illegal, that being said, the laws vary per state. If you suspect you are being duped, hire a lawyer.

If you pay taxes on a charged off account can a debt collector still collect that account?

If a 1099-C form was received then you are required to pay taxes on the amount shown. This is done when a debt is considered cancelled. A cancelled debt cannot be pursued for collection. ALthough there is no guarantee that unethical collectors wouldn't make an attempt to do so.

Can debt collectors trespass?

No, and generally debt collectors never leave their office.

If banks writes off loan can they collect in Maryland?

Charged off accounts can still be sold to third-party debt collectors for collection. Nothing precludes them from attempting to collect on a charged off account. The collection agency that is contacting you would have to be licensed in the State of Maryland to conduct business. You can obtain licensing information on the Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation website.

Can a debt buyer collect on a two-year-old car repossession that has been charged off?

Yes. The term "charge off" does not mean the debt is not valid and subject to collection procedures, including the possibility of a lawsuit.

Can debt collectors take settlement money?

Debt collectors can indeed take settlement money from someone if they owe debt. These collectors may take from what they need to.

If a creditor has written off your debt can a collection agency then come after you for the amount?

If the debt has been cancelled, no; if the debt has been charged off, yes.

Can debt collectors call of blocked id?

Debt collectors can call with a blocked id, the same as anyone else who wishes to remain anonymous and not have their number revealed. A debt collector can not call from a number that has been blocked, however.

Can you be sued after a bill was charged off on your credit record?

Yes, a 'charge off' does not invalidate the debt nor the legal rights of the creditor to collect that debt.

Do debt collectors have the right to request employer information?

Yes, but the individual is not legally obligated to answer such queries. It is assumed that the agency attempting to collect a debt has obtained the needed information from the original creditor.

What does a debt collector do?

Collect money from people who don't pay what they owe.You have a right in the fair debt collection practices act for a fair debt collection even if you owe a debt. You can request the debt collectors for a validation of debt. If they do validate you can further request to stop calling by sending a cease and desist letter to them.

You have been told by a collection agency that they will aceept only total amtof credit card debt is this true?

Some collectors will settle for less than the amount owed, but it is a matter of choice not a legal mandate. Collectors generally will not settle a debt for a smaller amount if they believe they will be successful in obtaining a judgment against the creditor which they can use to collect the full amount of the debt plus legal costs and other fees. If the debtor is employed chances are good that the collectors will sue to obtain a judgment to use as a wage garnishment.

Another name for debt collectors?

Debt Advisor

Can a collection agency still send you letters after a dispute has been investigated and deleted?

Yes. Deletion from the credit report does not affect whether the debt is owed or whether the statute of limitations on the debt has expired. Note that even if the statute of limitations has expired, collectors still can try to collect the debt -- they just cannot use the courts (or threat of legal action) to collect the debt. If you are getting collection calls on a debt that is past the statute of limitations, just send a written demand to the collector to cease all calls.

What is the most common interest rate debt collectors can charge to a business debt?

Most Commercial Collectors, or business debt collectors operate in a fix rate or rate per amount collected. Fix rate depends on each collection agency, debt collection rates may vary also in the amount to be collected, number of accounts and the age of the accounts. Most commercial collectors do not charge any fee until they collect, or some others they do. Best practices are; shop around, look for collection agency prices, request quotes, etc.

What are some of the services offered by Moorcroft Debt Recovery?

As the name of the company suggest, Moorcroft are debt collectors. They purchase debts from large companies then attempt to collect them by means of threatening letters and doorstep visits.

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