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No. While seeing your dentist IS an important part of maintaining your health, there are several different causes for Diabetes that have no connection to your dental health.

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Q: Can diabetes be prevented by trips to the dentist?
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How is diabetes prevented?

diabetes level 2

Can you go to the dentist with your diabetes?

People who have diabetes mellitus (diabetes II) should see their dentist more often--at least twice a year for cleaning. Tell your dentist about your diabetes and discuss your oral health care plan. Poor oral health can make your diabetes worse.

Can type 1 diabetes be prevented?


Can diabetes mellitus be prevented?

Research continues on ways to prevent diabetes and to detect those at risk for developing diabetes.

How can diabetes in pregnancy be prevented?

Diabetes in pregnancy can be prevented through diet changes. Eating a diet higher in protein can potentially prevent gestational diabetes. The following website has some useful information regarding the prevention of gestational diabetes,

What is the prevention of diabetes?

Type one cannot be prevented. Type 2 may be prevented with a healthy lifestyle.

I need a dentist that specializes in care with diabetic patients.?

Where can I find a Dentist in my neighborhood that specializes in patients with Diabetes?

How is type 1 diabetes prevented?

Type 1 diabetes is hereditary, and there is no known prevention or cure at present.

How is type 1 diabetes be prevented?

The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) proved through its 20 years of medical research that the vast majority of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes can be prevented through diet and lifestyle changes! Although there are certain factors you can’t change — such as genes, age, or past behaviors — there are numerous actions one can take to reduce the risk of diabetes. Check out our blog ‘Can You Really Reverse The Effects Of Diabetes?’ for in-depth knowledge on prevention or remission of diabetes!

List chronic diseases that can be prevented with healthy eating?

cancer, diabetes and Lepra

Can you prevent diabetes?

Diabetes can be prevented by:- Maintaining a normal weight. If overweight, try to reduce and have greater daily exercise.- Have regular health checkups at your doctor or dentist for dentist can detect some signs and symptoms of diabetes in your mouth- Eating more starches such as bread, cereal and starchy vegetables and have 5 portions of fruits and vegetables every day. Fibers can help slow down the stomach absorption of glucose from food. Intake of sugar and sweets also have to be eating candy and two much meat

How is plaque prevented?

By brushing and flossing your teeth regularly and by getting regular dentist appointments. If you have excessive plaque, talk to your dentist about it. There are special toothpastes and things like that they can give you.

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